So I found myself on the weird side of YouTube today…

Antifa, which is weird enough in itself, (I’ve written countless articles mocking their bizarre actions, and there will likely be much more to come) has a member who might as well be their mascot. Dubbed by a commenter on YouTube as “the embodiment of Antifa”, CwcvilleGuardian is a grown man who often dresses as a woman, loves My Little Pony, has a horrible singing voice, and is extremely vocal on his position against the Alt-Right and other right-wing factions. Perhaps I can’t completely blame him for the My Little Pony thing; out of all the shows made for children, this one seems to have good values in many of its episodes and adults don’t cringe when their children want to watch it. At times, it can actually be very entertaining. It is a bit odd seeing a grown man who lives on his own this obsessed though…

Recently, he uploaded a video titled “Smashing” in which he completely destroys an MLP toy, comparing it to a Nazi to “show all of those right-wing Nazi’s what he’s going to do to them”. Please. If I could roll my eyes in an article, I would. I have honestly never seen such a high level of degeneracy in my life.

He starts the video by holding up the toy, breathing heavily into the camera’s mic. “Freakin Nazi’s!” He says. “I am not afraid of you!” He proceeds to ramble on about how everyone on the right is a Nazi/White Supremacist and how he’s going to smash them all to pieces just like he did with his My Little Pony Toy. The comments on this are amazing, here’s a few from the woke folks on the right.

“Chris would make a great mascot for Antifa.”

“Does… does he think Nazis bugged his MLP toy he custom made of himself…?”

“Next video will be him begging for money to replace his toys.”

“CWCville isn’t a real place….Get A Job.”

Unfortunately, his next video wasn’t about the Go Fund Me page he had set up to replace his toy, it was about him cutting up a Christmas tree and waving it around demanding “Nazi’s” to “get out of Equestria now”. He is planning on using the power of friendship (though he probably doesn’t actually have any friends based on the way he or she or whatever it is, carries itself) to stop the “right-wing Nazi’s”.

Honestly, though, the only thing this person is accomplishing, is successfully making Antifa look even more ridiculous than it already is. This man-child is literally the embodiment of Antifa.


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