The Atomwaffen Division is a radical, neo-Nazi, paramilitary organization in the United States that has been linked to five murders since 2017. In one odd case, 18-year-old member Devon Arthurs converted to Islam and branded himself as a “Salafist National socialist” shortly before murdering his two roommates (who were also members of the division) for mocking his conversion. Yeah, it’s that crazy.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to violently overthrow the United States’ government and establish a neo-Nazi regime following an anti-democratic administrative process.

Photos from the Atomwaffen Division website.

On its website, Atomwaffen describes itself as “a revolutionary national socialist organization centered around political activism and the practice of an autonomous fascist lifestyle.”  


In practice, this has meant distributing racist recruitment flyers on college campuses, hanging banners with racist messages from bridges, graffiti, and showing up at white nationalist rallies to wave the Atomwaffen flag.  

It’s estimated there are only about 80 Atomwaffen members, though according to the Anti-Defamation League, Atomwaffen activity has been reported in multiple states, including Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington and Wisconsin.

On the website’s front page, the following text is displayed:

“The rest of the world is collapsing beneath us all as we speak. The system is beginning to suffer the consequences of its corruption. The failure of democracy and capitalism has given way to the Jewish oligarchies and the globalist bankers resulting in the cultural and racial displacement of the white race. We have absolutely no room for moderates  and cowards. We wish to appeal to the radical in this struggle, as it is the radical that etches their place into history. There is nothing that can be fixed in a system so inherently flawed, National Socialism is the only solution to reclaim dominion over what belongs to us. The west cannot be saved, but it can be rebuilt and even stronger without the burdens of the past.”

Photos from Atomwaffen Division website.

 Brandon Russell, a fourth roommate of Arthurs’ who was not killed, was also connected to Atomwaffen. During a search of the house after the murders, authorities discovered bomb-making equipment and radioactive material they determined belonged to Russell. In Russell’s bedroom, police found a framed photo of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. In his car were rifles, ammunition, binoculars and a skull mask. Prosecutors later alleged that Russell had planned to bomb civilian targets, including synagogues and a nuclear power plant in Miami. He was recently sentenced to five years in prison.

With the physical threat that the organization is clearly capable of, cartoon frogs and alt-right keyboard warriorism are suddenly less formidable evils.

Interestingly, in a recent exchange between the Atomwaffen Division and Andrew Anglin, the latter clearly possesses some reservations about the former’s violent, irreverent, and ultimately anti-American attitude. In a series of posts and replies between the two parties, the following interactions took place:

Kristallnacht, AD Member: “If you want to learn more about [the Order of Nine Angles, a Satanic occultist group] and why a lot of [the Atomwaffen Division] members (even some leadership, not all) are apart of such things you should read Liber 333. We don’t actually worship “Satan”. Majority of us believe in the gods of old that our Aryan ancestors worshiped.”

Andrew: “Yeah. I get it. What is the deal with so many members of the group denying that there is this overlap with ritual satanism? Are they genuinely unaware of the presence of satanists in the group or are they lying about it for some reason?”

Atomwaffen Division’s Official Account: “We aren’t denying that we have O9A members in the ranks of AWD. So what if we do? Keep kvetching.” 

Satanism and darker strands of the alt-right find their origin in the crossbreeding between skinheads and metalheads in the ’90s, which resulted in a lot of anti-Semitic death metal and Baphomet-worshiping Hitler-followers. In any case, there are certainly extremes too far for extremists. In this case, it is clear that even the media-smeared Andrew Anglin possesses reservations about the principles and character of the Atomwaffen Division.

  • ThistleMeThis

    Sounds retarded… Government Psyop retarded.

    • Andrew Anglin is an obvious government plan. If he pushes back, that means they must be doing something right 😉

      Either way, I love the propaganda produced by these “Atomwaffen Division” guys.

      • Crypto-fascist

        Gee, I wonder which organization might be a government PSYOP?

        The Daily Stormer, a website promoting memes, health, fitness, and a non-violent return to traditional white American values, and which has faced more censorship than any other publication in history?


        Atomwaffen Division, a group of edgy Doomsday satanists openly promoting terrorism, ass-cutting, and the overthrow of the US government, led by a guy named “Rape,” and which has faced no censorship at all despite its tiny membership having already been implicated in several murders?

  • Zac Cashman

    The average alt right person realizes by studying history that the current accumulation of debt, destruction of the middle class & erosion of our rights cannot continue for long before social upheaval & collapse happen.
    When it does happen they simply want to form their own society with their own people where they are comfortable. (IE localized government with a strong homogeneous community)

    These Atomwaffen guys however sound like retards & the mirror reflections of Antifa on the political spectrum. (they also sound suspiciously like a psyop)

  • viking viking

    the weak shall fear the strong.

  • Sturmmann

    In every fringe movement, there are always going to be people who are too used to their underdog status and cannot really handle the mainstream acceptance (of the Alt-Right) of radical ideas, so they would then go to actual extremes, in a lunatic fashion, like Atomwaffen Division, just so they can keep being perceived as some weird, obscure outcasts…

  • The Hangman

    When the day comes, we will not ask whether you swung to the right or whether you swung to the left; we will simply swing you by the neck.