Austrian Government arrest 18 leaders of Generation Identity: Is this the beginning of a an incursion


Last week Martin Sellner and 17 other leading members of the Austrian branch of Generation Identity were arrested and had their own personal finances withheld from them. In addition, the Austrian police also ransacked and confiscated all the finances of the Generation Identity offices.

Martin himself did a German video explaining the events but recently talked about it in English in an interview with Brittany Pettibone where he explains that the police threatened the group’s leaders with up to seven years imprisonment but despite that the group remains positive with not one of the arrested leaders wanting to disassociate with the group.


These arrests are at a time when the globalist establishment is on their back heels. The far right has been experiencing a large amount of popularity all throughout Europe which can be seen from almost every recent election in Europe. Such as Marine Le Pen’s near presidential election, Brexit, the AFD’s (Germany’s far-right party) becoming the third largest political party in Germany, this sweeping far-right victory in the Italian and Austrian elections and of course the long-standing dominance of the far right in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. And no doubt the activism by Generation Identity has had a lot to do with that. no doubt the activism by Generation Identity has had a lot to do with that.

Generation Identity is renowned for their grand nonviolent acts that gain a lot of media attention and are very popular among the youth of Europe. Acts such as a boat mission in the Mediterranean to pick up economic migrants who purposefully send out distress calls to Italian ships just off the coast of Libya to try to get into Italy but instead of taking them to Italy they took them back to Libya as the law stipulates. And their most recent mission was to the French Alps to a town where thousands of migrants were simply walking through from the Italian border into France their mission was to draw media attention to the situation in that small French Alpine town.

But the act that the Austrian government was citing as hate speech and is the reason of these raids and arrests was the one they did a while back where they scaled a building in Vienna and held a banner that said Islamization kills. The reason why the Austrian government is allowed to raid and take personal finances of groups who violate hate speech is because of a sneaky part of the bill recently added to an anti-mafia law about a year ago. Meaning if a group violates hate speech laws they treat them as if they are an elaborate criminal organization that has gained all their funds through illegal activity.

This is so outrageous that even left-wing journalists who do not support the group are saying this is an abuse of power. Although a right-wing party controls the Austrian government the ironically named freedom party they, so far, have yet to intervene to stop the police activities. They were not behind the starting of the police raids it was, in fact, a notorious left-wing lawyer who has been trying to attack the group for years now that was behind the raids but it is still disheartening to see a supposedly right-wing government remain silent.

It is obvious that these arrests and raids will be overturned in court it is just a tactic used by the globalist establishment to intimidate dissidents through long expensive drawn-out legal battles where they constantly threatened to ruin your lives. The overall goal is simply to discourage people from joining the group and stunt its popularity.

But despite this Generation Identity’s leaders remain positive. That may seem hard to believe but it is because these attacks by the globalists show that the group’s activities are effective and it proves that they are right about a globalist elite working together to create a new world order. It proves it because the claims they make are that there are these people who control the world behind the scenes and if that were true that would mean if they were right and popular about it that these people who control the world would try to attack them and if it were not true they would have no resistance. Resistance is proof that their assumption is both right and that they are effective in fighting it otherwise they would not have any push back and that’s why I believe they are so positive about this. It reaffirms what they thought was true and shows that they are successful in fighting it.