Earlier this month Mattel made headlines with their announcement of a new devout Muslim version of the iconic Barbie doll. Liberal media outlets were quick to praise the decision running headlines like USA Today’s “Hijab Barbie: Perfect Christmas gift for non-Muslim parents who want to stick it to Trump.” Not content to pander to only one politically correct demographic however, now the toy-maker has doubled down on their new SJW friendly marketing strategy. Releasing new pictures that have left many asking, is Barbie gay?

The images which were posted to the dolls official Instagram page, feature her and popular fashion blogger Aimee Song both wearing LGBT supporting rainbow colored “Love Wins” shirts. While one would reasonably assume this was just Mattel’s way of suggesting that Barbie is pro-gay rights, rather than actually a Lesbian herself. That hasn’t stopped thousands online from immediately getting excited at this seeming confirmation of Barbie’s sexual orientation. With comments quickly stating things like “Ken is over”, and calling Barbie a “Lesbian icon.”

Regardless of whether or not Barbie is actually co-opted into a Lesbian figure in the coming years, this past month full of Liberal agenda pushing by Mattel highlights one of the greatest contradictions in modern leftist thought. Which is that the doll-maker seems determined to promote at the same time, a Gay rights agenda and an Islamic one that is intrinsically opposed it. These are two incompatible viewpoints, with one systematically dedicated to the destruction of the other. Regardless of how moderate Muslims living in places like America may feel on the issue, the majority of Muslim’s worldwide would likely stone to death a real life lesbian Barbie. Which is why I have to wonder how Mattel can succeed in turning Barbie into the model progressive feminist icon they clearly want her to be, when they also want her to have friends like this.

It’s time that progressive American women either stopped calling themselves Feminists, or started realizing the hijab is actually the least Feminist article of clothing possible. By allowing Barbie and her friends to promote both Muslim and LGBT agendas at the same time, Mattel is complicit in pushing a dangerous lie onto the young girls of America. A lie that has already contributed to the reintroduction of actual female inequality back into the Western world.

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