Not to be outdone by the American entertainment industry in terms of pandering to the Anti-Trump crowd. The BBC is now considering the production of a new show clearly meant to target the perceived absurdity of our current celebrity President. While not formally announced in any capacity, the BBC has just sent out a survey to some of its most dedicated fans asking their opinions regarding two new show proposals. One of these two bearing the title, “Make Me a President.”

Ignoring for a minute the absurdity of a country that doesn’t even have a President creating such a show. Let’s dig a little deeper into just what this show is set to be. In their own survey the British Broadcasting Company describes it as an “incredible reality series in which 8 celebrities are given the chance to see if they have what it takes to run the country.” If there was any doubt what country they meant with that statement it’s cleared up in the next line. “Each celebrity will spend a week in our recreated White House living the life of the President.”

Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate the true ridiculousness of this situation. Here we have a public taxpayer funded entity proposing a show to its British audience that would involve them creating a full scale White House replica and then filling it with various C-list European celebrities. Then again it’s probably not any more ridiculous then taking out a 50 billion Pound loan to fund new housing projects for Islamic migrants but that’s something this same government is doing as well.

One thing we apparently don’t have to be concerned with regarding this new program, is its alleged authenticity. As the network promises that, “every scenario they face has been dreamt up and created by genuine White House insiders who have been there and seen it all.” Seemingly implying the BBC has already reached out and employed for this future program, White House aides taken most likely from either the Obama, Bush, or Clinton administrations. See for yourself the full description of the show below, taken directly from the official BBC survey.

So just how likely is it, that this show actually gets made? Well the BBC at least seems pretty confident that this parody Trump White House game show will strike a positive cord with their audience. As the survey offered up the option to select reasons why you might like this future potential program. For the record, no question was asked regarding why one might potentially not like it.

So what do you think? Should the BBC actually build their very own White House replica on British soil? Will you watch if they do? The show is surely to be promoted heavily on BBC America after all. Let me know your thoughts on this proposed program in the comment section below.

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