YouTuber and black feminist Philogynoir is pretty much MIA on the internet now, and that’s because enough people with common sense gathered together and demanded consistency. Videos that bash or violently threaten white people have always been allowed to remain visible to the public eye because “muh oppression.” Whereas videos containing anything negative about blacks not only get removed, but your name gets blacklisted for all eternity. Now things have changed, at least for one particular SJW. 

Philogynoir made a video titled “Listen Up Lazy White People,” where she demanded that white people pay her to give them advice about being an SJW. She also said that whites are not entitled to walk alongside blacks on the street. Several times throughout the video she reinforced how black supremacy is acceptable and encouraged but white supremacy is not. When conservatives saw this, they were appalled.

James Allsup, a political and social commentator on YouTube made a reaction video in which he exposed the black feminist for not having an educated thought process and for not understanding that equality does not mean superiority. In recent posts by social justice warriors, we see that many black activists and BLM members preach equality, but then two seconds later they make a post about how they want to “kill all whites” or “enslave them.” 

Philogynoir complained about whites approaching her and asking questions about her content without “paying her first.” James Allsup reacted, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you can’t deal with your ideas being discussed, don’t become a public advocate.” 

After his video went viral, right-wing conservatives took a closer look at Philogynoir’s channel and proceeded to report a big chunk of her videos including the one referenced in James Allsup’s video. The result? These videos got taken down for hate speech. 

In response to the takedown of her videos, James commented,   

“Looks like her video got taken down for hate speech. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen an anti-white video get kicked from YouTube. (still not a fan of censorship though)”

It appears as if her channel has been hacked as well; when clicking the link to her Twitter, a fake account shows up under the name “Ape.” Her Facebook and Instagram have also been deleted or removed and her Tumblr hasn’t been touched since 2016. 

People were and still are shocked by the fact that YouTube actually did something about real hate speech. This proves that if enough people unite under one idea, the higher up’s listen. They go wherever the power lies. It’s time that people start demanding consistency. If people on the right can’t do it, then the people on the left shouldn’t be able to get away with it either. Consistency is a must for a sane society.          

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