Black Fox Sports 1 Host Triggers Guests As He Destroys SJW Athletes

All black panel discusses “the culture” in sports, social justice, athletes’ platforms, and the responsibilities owners and players have to their business.


On Thursday, an episode of Fox Sports 1’s ‘Speak for Yourself’ turned into a political slugfest, as liberal and conservative black sports analysts squared off against one another.  Jason Whitlock, co-host of ‘Speak for Yourself’ ushered in a segment discussing the clash between sports culture and “the culture.”  The conversation began gentlemanly, however, the mere mention of the Colin Kaepernick situation and NFL owners’ reactions to it sparked a heated debate, breaking down into an uncomfortable browbeating attempt of epic proportion, on the part of the triggered SJW panelists.

Along the way, Jason Whitlock made several key points in defense of the owners and their rights versus the rights of the players, as employees.  Most would characterize Whitlock’s position as the clearly conservative point of view, as far as the sports world is concerned.  This stance, as you might have guessed, didn’t go over very well with Whitlock’s fellow black panel-members, triggering an awesome display of hatred, vitriol, and virtue-signaling from them.

The conversation began with the idea that being a professional athlete gives one a special status, which both allows them to use their “platform” to speak out and compels them to.  With that, as these activist athletes begin to speak out, the leftist analysts argue that they’re not even cognizant of their obligation to their employers, thus should not be liable for any consequences or repercussions:

“They’re not thinking ‘this will take away from my opportunity’,” says Greg Jennings, an SJW-allied sports analyst, speaking about athletes who are engaging in protests during games or league-sanctioned activities, such as press conferences.  He continues: “They’re thinking, ‘I want to share what I think is right.”

This is exactly the line of thinking that brings about any leftist policy and worldview one can think of.  The idea that there is no objective standard that can be applied to the convictions and beliefs of someone who is regurgitating rhetoric from the morally-superior Left.  They “feel” so right about what they’re saying, that they must be immune from any accountability for insignificant rules or regulations they may have broken in the process.  Furthermore, if you disagree, that is wholly unacceptable.  Jason Whitlock learns this the hard way, as he fires back at the liberal sports media:

When pressed about the “motives” of the NFL owners, in their “collusion” to keep Kaepernick out of the League, Whitlock offers an excellent rebuttal, encompassing the idea of private business ownership, owners’ rights, activists rights, and the responsibility employees have in their contractual obligations to their employer:

“They’re (NFL owners) doing it because they’re running a business.  They’re in it to make money.  And these guys (Kaepernick) have taken actions that have hurt they business.  And so, they moved on from that.  That’s, any business has a right to do (that).” -Jason Whitlock

Whitlock schools Jennings and his fellow leftist browbeaters on the relationship between employers and employees, the rights each retain, and the course of action each have the power to engage in.  But the Left does not want to hear that.  The claims of racism and bigotry have been heard around the nation, when speaking of the NFL and its recent situation with Colin Kaepernick and the greater #AnthemProtest movement.  The vicious way the Left attack fellow members of the media, with whom they disagree, shows the reality of the progressive movement’s intolerance for dissenting opinions or beliefs.

Whitlock goes on to eloquently and beautifully lay out the case that many have been making, as far as Colin Kaepernick’s motivation for his sudden turn into Social Justice Warriorhood:

“We’ve seen this before.  A black man that didn’t grow up around black people, that tries to do too much to show how black he is,” exclaims Whitlock, his liberal cohorts’ faces twisted in anger and astonishment.  Continuing, undeterred, he says, “He was abandoned by his parents and adopted by white folks, and grew up in the suburbs.”

Later in the segment, Whitlock truly unhinges the panel when he says this:

“He’s doing it because he thinks he’s right.  But he’s also doing too much, trying to get his “black credibility” over social media, trying to be “down with the culture.”

BOOM!  Heads explode all over the far Left of the sports world, as a black sports analyst attacks Kaepernick’s motives as being anything other than genuine.  The problem is that Whitlock is right.  Kaepernick never uttered a whisper about any of this, when he was in the Super Bowl, on top of his game, and at the peak of relevancy.  Only once he was relegated to the bench, a mere after thought, did he begin to “speak out” as a “force for change” in the black community.  Give me a break.  Jason Whitlock, keep doing what you’re doing, triggering your leftist peers!