Groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other hardcore liberal groups are hanging their heads in shame. Earlier, these groups planned a Grinch-esque event to “boycott Christmas” in order to “stop forcing religion” on people. As expected, nobody showed up. Not only this, but people have had a little more Christmas spirit both this year and last year, compared to years past.

 Cnet posted an article referring to the growth of black Friday saying that:

“The day after Turkey Day saw $5.03 billion in online sales versus Thanksgiving Day’s $2.87 billion internet haul, Adobe says. Those are both records, though, so it seems a relatively safe bet that more people are jumping online regardless of whether they’re stuffing their faces with marshmallow yams or lolling on the couch in a day-after, L-tryptophan stupor.

And numbers for Turkey Day saw bigger growth. This year’s Black Friday sales total is a 16.9 percent increase over 2016’s $4.3 billion in online sales, says Adobe. Thanksgiving Day, on the other hand, saw a beefier, 18.3 percent increase, from 2016’s $1.3 billion.”

It isn’t just Black Friday, channels like Hallmark (especially during their Christmas marathon) have seen a substantial amount of growth. In fact, it was during the election last year when it all began; it was the only non-news channel in the top 15 to see a booming viewership growth in 2016. But why? In a world that’s so focused on what divides us, why would we take the time to sit and watch feel-good TV when we could be getting the latest updates on Antifa? As it turns out, most people are sick of the division. On Hallmark, The Washington Post said:

“The environment is undeniable contentious. We are a place you can go and feel good,” says Bill Abbott, chief executive of Crown Media. More and more Americans are turning to the Hallmark Channel for relief from the daily news cycle. Hallmark is the complete opposite of the divisiveness that so many families felt during the election and President Trump’s penchant for courting controversy. Turn on the news and you see people who can’t get along, even in the same party. Turn on Hallmark and everyone ends the show smiling. You get re-runs of “The Golden Girls” and lots of romantic films. The characters work together to save their town or store or farm.

It’s feel-good TV. There’s no sex or gore. Hallmark movies and series like “When Calls the Heart” and “Chesapeake Shores” have happy endings. The main characters do the right thing. The problems get worked out. The guy and girl, whatever their age or grumpiness level at the start, always end up together. This kind of TV has always drawn in older women, but Hallmark’s appeal isn’t limited to them anymore. Ratings are growing fast among 18- to 49-year-old women, and a growing number of men are tuning in as well. Men account for some of the jump in the Nielsen ratings, and when the channel does focus groups, increasing numbers of men say they watch with their wives.”

The quality of the programming has improved as well, with Hallmark raising their budgets to hire better actors and scriptwriters. The article from The Washington Post added that:

During the week of the election last year, the Hallmark Channel was the fourth-most watched channel on TV during prime time. Let that sink in. It had more prime-time viewers than MSNBC did, and it was just behind CNN and ESPN. “We intentionally branded ourselves as the happy place,” Abbott says. Hallmark’s tagline is “the heart of TV.”

Amazon has also seen growth this Christmas shopping season. With EPS 3 YR growth at 121%, EPS 3Y growth rant at 6, Rev 3 YR growth rate at 22%, Rev 3Y growth rank at 68, total 3 YR return at 44%, and total return 3 YR rank at 18. At this point, things are only looking up for our favorite online shopping center.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, whatever else you identify as, you’ve failed. Christmas is still in the hearts of many Americans, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. 

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