Ask any American Liberal today what makes someone Alt-Right and you would surely get a wide range of answers. A few common themes would likely be consistent, however, such as being Anti-Immigration, diversity, and a traditionalist when it comes to core values. Why than is a figure who so perfectly fits both these and other criteria for being Alt-Right so consistently hyped up as the ultimate Progressive hero. I speak of course, about the upcoming star of his self-titled film, Black Panther.

A character who un-democratically rules over a clearly Ethno-Nationalist based kingdom that promotes racial purity above all else. The fictional kingdom of Wakanda which he lords over, taking isolationism to an extreme that not even Ron Paul would dream of. In fact, the more one looks into both Black Panther and the overall policies of Wakanda. The more one begins to realize how much they fly in the face of almost everything modern Liberals claim to believe in. 

The similarities between Black Panther and the so-called Alt-Right don’t stop at those listed in the above image either. With another prominent feature of Wakanda being it’s strong and technologically advanced military. Wakanda traditionally presented as a highly militarized nation with service in the armed forces deeply ingrained into the culture as something to be admired. Given this, why are so many of the same Alt-Left types who look so down upon our servicemembers and the entire concept of the armed forces cheering for this film and the culture it promotes?

Other’s have increasingly taken notice of this fact as well. With many starting to point out that Black Panther has more in common with Donald Trump, than Bernie Sanders in his rhetoric. All the current President has ever tried to argue, is that all leaders of the world should look out for their own nation’s interests first and foremost. Considering this is exactly what the fictional King T’Challa does in both the upcoming film and the comics it is based on. It leads one to wonder how so many on the Left can be so enthusiastically supportive of the character and not of our current president as well.

Sadly it would seem the majority of the movie’s target audience has gotten too swept up in the alternative history fantasy it represents regarding Africa, to have taken notice of any of the above. So caught up in the idea of an Africa which was never colonized, they can’t be bothered to realize that they are promoting the same type of pro ethnic-based nationalism that has others wanting to build the wall.

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