During the March For Our Lives school walkout that occurred Wednesday, things weren’t entirely peaceful as the mainstream media would have led you to believe. In Chicago Illinois, several students exceeded their 17 minutes of protesting by looting stores, harassing people, and just being general menaces to society. Allegedly, there existed video evidence of one of the loots carried out in Walmart, but that video has since been deleted. This is likely due to all of the “racist” comments pointing out that the vast majority of students looting these stores were black.

Blue Lives Matter reports on the violence that took place:

On Chicago’s South Side, Simeon Career Academy students descended on businesses situated in a strip mall behind the school, and began harassing customers and employees. “Things started out cool,” a Potbelly Sandwich Shop manager, who did not want to be further identified, told Blue Lives Matter. “But then some of the guys started yelling, threatened the employees, and said they were going to come back [into the kitchen area] and make their own food.”

At least 50 students were reported at the scene, and eventually, they were escorted off the premises by police. But things didn’t stop there. At a nearby GameStop, nearly 20 students gathered in a single file line without making any purchases. Customers grew concerned, but were safely led out before the chaos ensued. At Walmart, teens entered into big groups and began trashing the store. Food and clothing were destroyed as isles were knocked over and products scattered everywhere. It’s unknown whether or not students faced any repercussions, as a Walmart store manager stated that he was not allowed to provide any information regarding the incident.

Students also continued to gather and raid places like J&J Fish and Chicken, attacking a delivery truck outside and stealing several AriZona tea drinks.

Why is it, that when some students find something offensive, they attack places of business and harasses customers and employees? This is H&M all over again. This Antifa like behavior only proves that guns aren’t the only way to hurt people. Inciting violence in hopes of ending violence is counterproductive, but you’ll never hear that from the mainstream media.