You called it, and now the rest of the internet is on board as the evidence stacks unfavorably against Nakea Darisaw, the woman who claims someone spray-painted the word “Nigga” all over her property in the name of racism and white supremacy. The links to her GoFundMe account have been taken down from her page, and the Facebook page itself seems to have disappeared indefinitely. If she’s so innocent, why does she feel the need to run? 

This morning, we covered her posts on Facebook and told you about her GoFundMe account that’s being used to “repair the damages” and has thus far raised over 7,000 dollars. Oddly enough, she deleted her post on Facebook which leads people to the donation page. Maybe she read our article and took it down before anyone could start snooping around.

Or maybe she just ran away as the entire internet provide evidence against her. 4chan, for example, has brought forward past posts, posts from family, and keen observations that point towards Nakea Darisaw being a fraud.

“Luckily those racist vandals didn’t mark up those aftermarket rims that the insurance company would have never covered. But they did mark up those shitty shock rims.”   

A side by side photo was shown for comparison. Either these supposed racist vandals have sympathy, or the racist vandals are actually they, themselves.

Other suspicious activity was found when Darisaw’s daughter posted on Facebook, “We gon be rich soon hold on.” and a photo was also found of her posing with a red spray-paint can in the background. 

Neither Darisaw nor her daughter has commented on the internets speculations, but not everyone is calling their bluff either. Alright let’s be real, people with half a brain are saying “hey wait a minute, something not right here, let’s dig into this further…” And Social Justice Warriors are saying, “OMG this lady is black and so oppressed! White people did this! I hate white people!”

Now when you try to find Darisaw on Facebook, nothing comes up but a notification that reads: “This page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.” The page was removed because the possibility of her being a fraud keeps growing higher by the second. Other’s noted how the spelling of the word “Nigga” contradicts how many actual racists would spell the word. 

Did she or her kids vandalize their property themselves, or is she an innocent victim who deserves all of our dollars? It’s looking like the former is true, but we will have to wait and see. Guilt is written on every action she does, and the truth will soon expose itself.