Have you noticed less black users on Twitter over the past few days? If the answer is yes, it might be because they are all migrating to the newest social media platform on the scene. This newcomer aims to differentiate itself from Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest though with one key difference. It targets users of one skin color only. As in yet another stunning example of self-segregation, Blitter is aiming to become the go to social network for black people only.

While their predecessors fought for inclusion, today more and more African Americans seem determined to fight for the right to separate from their fellow Americans. Seemingly tired of all those “Neo-Nazis” and “F**king Morons” on real Twitter, Blitter promises to be an online safe space for all those of the darker skin persuasion online.

It would seem even at least thus far, that Blitter is proving popular with its target audience. At least based on these early responses.

Blitter’s operators seem optimistic about the future as well, boldly declaring the following. 

It would seem as if the founders of Blitter are unaware of the long standing online joke that is “Black Twitter.” For example the subreddit r/BlackPeopleTwitter has over 1 million users sharing ridiculous examples of just the type of community Blitter aims to be. A few prime examples below.

While it remains to be seen if Blitter will become a hotspot for serious intellectual discourse online, current trending topics on the platform don’t seem to indicate that being likely to happen any time soon. With current popular discussions on Blitter now including. #BitchesandHoes, #Gang Signs, #FCRACKAS, and finally #Muh dick.

Possibly troubling for the platforms future prospects though is that many have already raised the question of whether or not it is destined to eventually just become a law enforcement honeypot. As the obvious amount of illegal activity being discussed and even flaunted on the network is eventually sure to attract police and even FBI personnel to join the platform to uncover examples of criminal activity. This possibly all the more likely due to the fact that the social media network is also sure to attract a political black supremacist extremist element as well, the kind of which the FBI is always keen to keep tabs on.

While thus far, Blitter hasn’t openly declared itself to be an Anti-White platform. There is one group of people that the supposedly “racist free” platform doesn’t intend to make feel welcome. Those supposedly election hacking Trump loving Russians.

It will likely be a few months before we will know if Blitter is a thing that’s here to stay or not, and what real effects if any it will have on the user-base of Twitter. For now though it remains another odd example of this current wave of self segregation being applauded by many black Americans. A trend even being encouraged by Hollywood, as seen in upcoming shows like Black America, set to feature an actual break away all Black American nation. It’s things like Blitter and Black America however, that highlight our differences instead of promoting a sense of common American unity that hurt our country the most though. When we can’t even share a social network together, its of little surprise we apparently can’t share our war memorials anymore either. 

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