BLM Protest For London Man Who Choked Swallowing Evidence Under Arrest


Yesterday, protestors gathered in London to speak out against “police brutality”. Rabble rousing and cries of racism are the expected response for such events. This is better than the trend of riots that used to follow such situations, i.e., rioting and looting, destroying communities in the process.

“Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!”

A mindless rallying call to lure in useful idiots is a mainstay at these events, even in ones in the USA where the group has its origins. Funny enough the organization also receives a lot of funding from George Soros himself, who seems to be the financier of chaos through which the Illuminati intends to usher in (The New World) order, but that’s an article for another day.

What happened that was so tragic and horrific which caused, seemingly, hundreds of individuals to gather on the street and chant for peace, justice, etc?

Well, CCTV cameras show a man chased by police and tackled to the ground. The source says he died swallowing something.

The officer and a bystander restrain the man before he appears to stop breathing. The Police Complaint’s Commission is currently investigating the incident. The suspect is a 20-year-old Rashan Jermaine Charles, who ran into the store after failing to stop for police. Tributes have been pouring in for Mr Charles, with a friend saying he was visiting his grandmother before the 1:45 AM arrest.

Of course, running from the police and pissing them off more, is a sure way to ensure the most uncomfortable and stressful arrest experience, at the very least. They might very well shoot you, at least in places where cops have guns.