During a preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams, the star quarterback of the Oakland Raiders, Derek Carr, stood for the entirety of the national anthem with his hand on the shoulder of his teammate, Khalil Mack, who also stood during the anthem. As Carr is a white man and Mack is a black man, headlines praised this act as a unified symbol against racial inequality. 

“We wanted to show them that it’s okay for a white kid and a black kid that come from two different neighborhoods [to] grow up and love one another and be best friends,” Carr said (via ESPN), “and that’s what me and Khalil are. We’re best friends and we love one another.”

Although virtually the rest of the team remained seated during the national anthem, Carr and Mack did not back down from their proclamation of unified support for the United States’ anthem. 


However, a new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show reveals a sinister consequence of Carr’s action. In a bombshell revealing “insider information” from a “very reliable source,” the radio show claimed that players from the Oakland Raiders allowed Carr to be sacked multiple times during the game. The show analysed some of the passes made during the game, and noted that that several extremely capable receivers made multiple “weird drops.”

Watch the episode: 

One of the team’s offensive linemen has been recorded saying, “He wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field.” 

This possibly direct proof continues into an epic national scandal with a team official telling a local reporter, “If you report on this, you will be blackballed, you will not get access to the Raiders period. Your career covering the team will be over.”

Notwithstanding the intense legal and ethical ramifications of the above statements (if true), it is incredible to witness the progression of the NFL’s response to what had initially begun as a publicity stunt for Kaepernick spiral into an internally destructive topic. Despite Carr’s best intentions to heal racial tensions revolving around the American anthem, if the above data proves to be true, it would seem that the NFL will collapse under the stress of its players plotting against each other to further their political agenda. 

All of these statements and claims will hopefully be investigated and substantiated, if true. Due to the majority presence of black Americans on most NFL teams, the response against Carr on his own team is undoubtedly racial animus stoked by Carr’s resistance against disrespecting the national anthem.

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  • StoneAge

    Funny that the rules only require the players to be on the field for the anthem. They only suggest the players stand.

    • Troy

      and if they dont stand for something, they will fall for anything

    • Lane Rancourt
      • gc83

        Still waiting for punishment to be dolled out…

        • StoneAge

          You MAY be waiting a long time as the Tylenol says that offenders MAY be punished. And only the players that were not on the field are subject to stated prosecution. Rules in such an established entity ARE law and must and shall be interpreted as such. The words should and may are used for protocol and punishment. The only required action is to be on the field. Because they ‘MUST’ be.

          • Dick Alexander


      • StoneAge

        Correct and the wording on those rules are exact. The players are required to be on the field for the anthem. Everything else is a suggestion for protocol. Players are not required to do anything but be on the field for it. This is because the word ‘should’ is used . A player SHOULD stand, a player SHOULD left hand the helmet and SHOULD right hand on the heart. Not MUST.
        SO THE NFL Rules say they SHOULD but they don’t have to. Same goes for punishment… Those players that are not on the field at anthem time MAY be punished…

        • Dick Alexander

          When the word should is used in a directive it implies a requirement to comply. They’re only getting a pass because the owners are chicken shit. Now, the owners are faced with trying to regain control after showing overwhelming weakness.

          • StoneAge

            The word they need to use is must or shall. Should implies a decision to be made and is not mandatory. Must and shall require particiation. I can only think the NFL used that wording so as to imply it to be necessary, but to not offend some of those whose religious or other beliefs require they NOT hold a flag higher than their beliefs. For instance the ‘Christian’ heirarchy is God then country. Some sects believe bowing to any flag is a thumb to the nose at God. Yes, really, some do. Obama was one. He was always there for the anthems but never (to my knowledge) followed protocol. Have no idea what his belief structure is but he didn’t respect the flag as many believe it to be respected. Another examole is Canada. It is deemed that burningnthe Canadian Flag is the right and proper way to dispose of one that is not in good condition.

          • We have not yet been able to independently confirm the existence and
            wording of this second document (the NFL has not responded to our
            query), but the proffered wording — which league spokesman Brian
            McCarthy described as a “policy” rather than a “rule” — states that
            players must “be” on the sideline for the national anthem, not that they
            must “stand” on the sideline (the latter is listed only as something
            players “should” do). The wording also establishes that players “may”
            (not “shall”) be penalized for not observing the regulation, and indeed
            the NFL announced that they would not take any disciplinary measures
            over players’ remaining in the locker room before Week 3 games: http://www.snopes.com/must-nfl-players-stand/

          • WatsonTheodoreHeckler,II

            More likely the league intentionally made the wording weak so they can pick and chose whom they wish to punish. As usual, the top or favorite athletes will be given slack while the hangers on or unpopular will be punished to show how “tough” the league is as demonstrated many times by Gutless Goodell.
            But mostly, the league is afraid to punish a large class of players in fear that something like is offered by this article. The players will intentionally muff plays to punish the owners and the league.
            The old Italian Mafia has nothing on the NFL Players Union. And the cowardly owners live in fear of situations like this that may interrupt their multi-billion dollar cash flow.

        • VoteOutIncumbents

          Democrats don’t have to abide by rules or laws.

      • That A62-63 shit was debunked a while back…Game Operations Manual are the key words…I wonder who made it up (A62-63) ?? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/theres-no-nfl-rule-players-must-stand-anthem-theres-policy-162020168.html

    • Starr Keel
  • Jonathan Jones

    *above data prove.
    The word “data” is plural

  • Gobby sucks dick

    Phuck the NFL. Phuck Liberals. PIECES OF shit

  • John Aldis

    Don’t start that stadium yet, Vegas!

    • Betty J. Harris Post

      I really hate it that the raiders are coming here. really wanted the chargers.

      • Uno Strawman

        No, no, no. So many have been lulled into this mindset. It’s not the individual players or even the team. It’s the organization. It’s the people calling the shots from the owner’s box that has this all turned around. NO team gets support. This kind of thinking is what keeps politicians in office. “Every other (politician) is bad. MY guy/gal is doing okay.” NO! We need to send the message to the owner’s of pro sports and to the politicians that just like a dirty diaper, we can change them often. And probably for the same reason.

  • Saddy

    Anyone ask the Redskins’ D-line what they thought? Not like you’ll get the truth but if they squirm it would infer a lot.

  • Marshal Mellowz Galvan Jr.

    You guys make me sick to my fucking stomach. Lets flip the script on the black man.. lets turn every person of color into the bad guys… lets start a fire saying its black vs. White in the NFL… you guys should be ashamed of yourselves… all of you.. un-fucking-believeable!!

    • NebraskaFilly

      WE aren’t the ones who did this, you dimwit! This started with Krapernick AFTER he met his Muslim BLM girlfriend!!!! AND IT IS ALL BASED ON THE LIE OF HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!!!!

      • WatsonTheodoreHeckler,II

        And all organized by our former and still present Community Organizer-in-Chief 0bama who had BLM people and Al Sharpton each visit the White House dozens of times to coordinate actions such as this.
        Also remember that BLM and Commie Kaepernick are also fans of Cuban communism and these actions are intended to cause disruption in American society by playing on the insecurities of our black population.
        Sorry folks, you don’t win sympathy or support by (figuratively) spitting on the American Flag. And if you are content with showing spite and rejecting America, you deserve absolutely nothing but an offer to get the he!! out of my country.

        • Dan Carlson

          Lies. Also Kaepernick is half white and a Christian with biblical tattoos all over his body. So go F yourself.

    • wendell harris

      Well dipshit you hit it on the head didn’t you.

    • Tim Pete

      Quit getting so fucking butt hurt. It might be true. It might not. What are you going to say if it is?

  • Raider Grant

    Told my girlfriend Carr looked like he was praying for his life before that game, someone obviously apprised Carr there would be consequences. My guess it’s Penn! As third generation Raider Nation that game disgusted myself, and I truly had my suspicion before, during, and now after the game. Just disgusting Raiders & NFL covering this up! Puke

    • SoCalCrusader

      It looked to me like Carr was praying too as his lips were not moving with the National Anthem. I thought maybe he was praying for unity and peace or something, but I would have never thought the team would turn their back on him,arguably the most Moral and down to earth player on the team.

      After last nights game against Denver, that sealed it for me.

  • Theojob

    Damn, as low as it gets!

  • Erik Giles


  • WW

    I’m sure the nfl will do a thorough job investigating that one.

    • VoteOutIncumbents

      You funny.

    • Bill Strouse

      When pigs fly….

  • Tom Beard

    What idiot wrote this? Carr went 9/11 ( 2 incompletes) ZERO sacks. This was his first action since he broke his leg since he broke his leg last year. You think after they tanked last year the Raiders would fuck around and get Carr hurt again this year? I don’t like these protests anymore than anybody else but this story is total Bullshit…

    • NebraskaFilly

      They’ve got it wrong – this didn’t happen during the pre-season game – it happened last week-end, I believe. The coaches and the QB stood (first I have heard about the Carr/Mack situation) while the rest of the team sat. Carr was sacked 2 times in a row (total of 4 times during the game, I believe), the center snapped the ball too soon 3 times in a row, and a number of easy passes were inexplicably dropped. So…..stuff it, Tom!

  • TheTruthBurns

    Niggers are gonna be Niggers.

    • Kevin Stockman

      right on brother

  • Casio

    Yup. If you don’t think a black athlete will play less than his best to make a point, you don’t watch a lot of sports.

  • Chuck Letson

    To Hell with the NFL

  • Kevin Stockman

    I watch hockey fuck them overpaid undereducated I owe you nothing love our country or get out Love MR TRUMP

  • sprry

    My Bmore Ravens travel to Oakland this week. I sent a text to the main sports talk radio station about the issue of the Raiders O-line n Carr and referenced they watch youtube armstrong n getty. I got this reply in under 2 minutes
    “might be the dumbest thing i
    have ever seen”

    So he must have been aware of that broadcast or is following orders to avoid looking into this story and quickly shut down anyone that brings it up.

    There is enough coincidences like 3 mistimed snaps, the sacks, drops, the Ohsosmelly quote about standing alone.

  • Guest2020

    It’s funny how some people this right to an opinion and freedom of speech only works one way.

  • Dan Carlson

    This whole story is 100% fabricated BS

  • Eddie Isom

    He has the right to sue, press assault charges with intent to do harm. I say he should go for it.

  • Angie Avila

    I am a Raider Fan and I bleed Silver & Black but before I bleed silver & black I bleed RED WHITE & BLUE!!!!! like all Americans we should be united when it comes to our Flag and Salute it with Honor any of you who think otherwise should move to another country where you have been given the same opportunities as here. Shame on you if those rumors our true and no matter how good you are in your sport if you are doing what is alleged then President Trump is right you should be FIRED!!!! Millions of dollars are given to you by people who fought for our country and have given us a opportunity to protest but these protester our not respecting other much less their fan base who support their lavish lifestyles and the fact that they are able to complete their dream of being a NFL player. I hope people understand that we THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA our your dreams and you are shitting on our FLAG. Racism come in many shapes and form are they the people who are kneeling being racist???? hmmm

  • Steve V

    Is there an investigation in progress? Did the raider front line also have bets against their team? If they will throw a game for politics, there is no reason to believe they wouldn’t throw a game for money!