There’s always a lot of drama going around on the internet, but one SJW troll is stirring up enough trouble that you may want to bring out the popcorn bucket. A user on Twitter going by the name of Mathew Hogan may have an almost non-existent following, but so far he’s been ruffling the feathers of any conservative willing to challenge his ideas. One tweet reads,  

“I LOVE trolling  on this platform. Every comment they leave solidifies why they should never be listened to, or negotiated with. They all deserve prison, or the death penalty.”

Later he tweeted something else that started a chain reaction of events that proved just how stupid SJW soy boys really are. He aggressively tweeted that anyone who’s white in the south is evil and that they still all secretly want slavery. When one conservative tried to challenge him, Mathew Hogan responded by threatening him and calling him a Nazi. Mathew demanded that the “Nazi” just go ahead and doxx himself. Like any normal human being with common sense, he refused. 

“You’re clearly retarded if you think I’m going to post my address on Twitter. You shouldn’t be allowed to leave home without a helmet on.” 

When Mathew didn’t reply, Brian, the apparent “Nazi” asked, “What’s your address?” The comedy in all of this comes in the fact that he actually gave it to him. He doxxed himself for anyone to see for absolutely no reason whatsoever, proving the conservative right; liberals are nut cases.

A bizarre conversation ensued:

“294 N. 750 E.
Vineyard, Utah 84058
Bring it on, Nazi c*nt. Thanks for saving me a plane ticket, and giving me home field advantage. See how easy it is to not be a pussy? You’re still hiding being your keyboard, snowflake.” 
Another conservative stepped in and actually took the time to look up Mathew’s address. 
“Not a good look calling people a Nazi when the place you’re living in is over 79% white, the only people of color you see are “the help”.
You have two tennis courts and a basketball court. Sit down, angry rich white boy.”
“I’ve seen people who are rich, but never people who are three in-ground swimming pools rich. That’s a gated community.” 
He then posted a few photos of Mathew’s surroundings, and not long after that, Mathew’s account was suspended. Today we saw an example of how YouTube removed the video’s of a black feminist for speaking against white people, and now we are seeing Twitter do virtually the same thing. The conservatives caught up in all the drama got to keep their accounts, whereas the liberal troll did not. 
Is this the start of a new era? Will giant platforms like YouTube and Twitter stop praising liberals just for being liberals? Only time will tell, but it’s a nice thought.