You’ve heard the term “white guilt,” but never has it been nearly a crime to be white, male, and in good health… Until now, at least. 

The Britsh police department plans to drastically cut spending in the next five years, leaving a good chunk of police officers without jobs and inspiring officers without hope. Less money means fewer jobs, despite the growing number of people who dial the infamous 999 each day. Terrorism has spiked in recent years as well, with more and more immigrants and refugees coming in that Britians know absolutely nothing about. Did no one teach them the laws of stranger danger?

Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey has stated recently that middle-aged healthy men such as himself would be “less of a priority” when it came to providing “face to face services.” Meaning that if he dialed 999, and whoever is in charge decides that his house burglary situation puts him in no danger, that the police will not be sent to his location. Mackey noted that people to get “first priority” so to speak, would be the elderly, immigrants, (especially ones that don’t speak English very well) women, and those with mental or physical disorders. In other words, people that are deemed “vulnerable” enough to deserve their attention. 

So if you’re healthy, a man, and anywhere between 18 and 55, you could be calling about a crazy naked man running around your house with a knife in his hand, and the police probably won’t show up. They’re too busy helping the Muslim immigrant being called politically incorrect names at the supermarket. 

This is yet another tactic by the leftist government to throw men under the bus. This is the same strategy used in the reality T.V show, Survivor. The weaker castaways stuck on the island will band together and get the strongest men out first, feeling as though their presence is threatening and a hindrance to their success.

If equality is so important to liberal politicians, then why can’t everyone who needs police assistance get police assistance? We all bleed red, right? We are all the same, right? Well, apparently not. If you speak English and are a male, tough luck; you’ll just have to allow yourself to be robbed by the same immigrants the police are protecting.