Tommy Robinson. Say his name, or even think his name and you’ll be arrested for inciting hatred. This kind of sounds like Voldemort… Okay, enough with the Harry Potter references, the real story here is this; an Austrian activist and an American author are being detained by the UK government for “inciting tensions between local communities” and conspiring to “interview Tommy Robinson” who according to them is such an extremist that he’s quite literally the Ku Klux Klan.

Brittany Pettibone, a political activist, author, and journalist, along with Martin Sellner are being detained because they wanted to give a speech about migrants and interview Tommy Robinson after he and his film crew were brutally attacked by left-wing thugs in London. Caolan Robertson gave us the update via Twitter:

“Brittany Pettibone & Martin Sellner are being held in a detention center in London. They have been there for 2 days and don’t know when they will be allowed to leave. The immigration officer told Brittany she was being detained for ‘planning to meet Tommy Robinson, an extremist.”

Lauren Southern also took a stand against the madness, saying that she was “disgusted” by the actions of the UK government and didn’t know if it would be safe for her to travel there herself. 

As to be expected, people were and still are astonished by the fact that the Britsh can detain American citizens for “inciting hatred” even though they have yet to present this “hate speech” to the public and the cops don’t even know the contents of the interview or speech. This is proof that all you have to do is simply think something that doesn’t comply with their government, and they’ll arrest you. Caolan Robertson updated us on Brittany’s fate after he had spoken with her over the phone.

 “Just spoke to Brittany on the prison payphone. She said she is being detained for planning to ‘Interview Tommy Robinson’. Immigration officer compared Tommy to the KKK. She’s not allowed to leave and has been there for 2 days. Not allowed to speak to or see her partner Martin.”

Even Katie Hopkins, who is often the topic of debate on both sides agreed that this an infringement on basic human rights.

“Brittany is a lovely young lady. I understand she is detained individually. Imagine if this was your daughter. The Establishment versus The People.” 

Another one of her tweets read:

“Detained at an airport on the basis their speech at Speakers Corner MIGHT upset the Muslim population. And boy oh boy, we can’t allow that to happen in Londonistan now, can we?”

Another update came later, and the conversation is still going on as we speak.

“UPDATE: Immigration officer has told Brittany she may be allowed to go home tomorrow. (After 3 days of being detained) and I will be waiting at the airport for her tomorrow. If she does arrive, we will post a full update on her wellbeing & situation.”

Naturally, the liberal’s aren’t giving this much thought or attention. They’re more concerned with making sure the things they define as hate speech are banished indefinitely. As for Tommy Robinson, while he hasn’t given his own statement on the matter, he still plans to meet up with Brittany once she’s released. 

The time for a serious conversation is now; how is it okay to detain human beings for things they haven’t even done yet? Thoughtcrime punishment is being reinforced throughout the UK and treated as though interviewing someone is the same as making a pack with a terrorist. If any of the parties involved were left-wingers, I can almost guarantee you the outcome would have been different. Once Brittany and her boyfriend Martin are released, the war on free speech and free thought will rage stronger than ever. 

UPDATE: Caolan Robertson 12:37 pm central via Twitter      

“Brittany has informed me they are keeping her in ‘Colnbrook Bypass’ prison London. Their number is 020 8607 5200. She said they told her to ‘be careful around other inmates with her politics’ & she STILL hasn’t been able to speak to her boyfriend, Martin. Who she is worried about.”