For farmers in California, the struggle is extremely real. In 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that would make the dream of $15 an hour minimum wage a reality, but the dream quickly turned into a nightmare when employers realized they didn’t actually have the money to pay their employees. Businesses everywhere are closing their doors, and the farmers seem to be suffering worst of all.  

In a recently uploaded video to YouTube titled, “Death of Family Owned Organic Farms in California,” a channel known as West Coast Alternative Media dives into his frustrations with the current economic system. Less than ten miles from his home, the distraught YouTuber tells his subscribers that his favorite organic farm, Ranch O Pickelo, will soon be closing its doors for good. The reasons, he stated, were due to unexpected weather conditions combined with the fact that the ranch no longer had the funds to distribute to their employees with minimum wage being $15 an hour. 

The cost of operation has drastically gone up; not only are they increasing payroll, but workers compensation and general liability insurance to go along with it. 

Sure there are other farms, but how long will those farms be able to stay in business? With entitled people who think they are deserving of an even bigger payout, comes hardships and job loss. What people who support a $15 an hour minimum wage along with socialistic ideas don’t understand is that somehow, their bosses have to have enough money to pay them, and if just one little thing goes wrong, the money runs dry and the business shuts down. Money does make the world turn and just throwing a much larger minimum wage in there without doing the research to see how it could negatively affect the economy is probably the dumbest thing you could ever do. Sorry California, and sorry to the other states that have to suffer; your political leaders aren’t paying attention. 

Sure, go for a higher minimum wage, but first, make sure the country is ready for it (it isn’t by the way) and play it smart. Otherwise, we’ll be gearing up for the next great depression.        

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