Canada Wants Whites To “Race Mix” Despite Research Proving Interracial People Have More Problems


The topic of race mixing is not one that anyone has ever debated lightly. Either you’re for it, or against it. Regardless of which side of the road you stand on, there is sure to be an ugly brawl ahead. 

The other night, Richard Spencer took to Twitter to show us a piece of pro-leftist propaganda, as well as to offer his thoughts on the subject.

The top of the Canadian poster reads:


are morally sensible and biologically advantageous 

The rest of the poster reads as follows:

There are more mixed-race people today than ever before. No longer the social taboo it once was. interracial unions have become an established marker of progress across the west. Approximately 5% of civil unions in Canada are interracial, and the rate is steadily increasing. What does this mean for Canadians? It means we are no longer held back by the divisiveness of racism. Interracial unions are an effective means of eliminating inequality, discrimination, and White Nationalism in Canada. The prosperity of our nation depends on a primarily non-White future defined by people of color. 

Thanks to the work of scientists such as Aarathi Prasad, Mark, Shriver, Bill Amos and Gerome Breen, we know that there are biological advantages to race-mixing. The results of their studies show that mixed-race people are likely to be more attractive, (because they’re not fully black?) have better physical health, (not true, but let’s just make stuff up) and more robust mental health, too. (maybe 2 percent) What does this mean for Canadians? It means that we should choose our partners accordingly. (destroying the entire White race). Beige is the color of love.

I added a few parentheses in there because that’s what they really meant when they wrote all of this nonsense. They claim to hate racial discrimination, and yet this is the most discriminating piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen in my life. I also noticed how they used a few keywords (racism, interracial, White Nationalism, inequality) to stir their Soros controlled minds. Speaking of Soros, did anyone notice the “Council Of Concerned Canadians” signature at the bottom of the poster? Seem familiar to anyone?

Richard Spencer Tweeted his sarcastic thoughts along with the left-wing propaganda; “So progressive.” people seemed to agree with him. 

  “I don’t think they know what color beige is”

  “…are likely to be more attractive…”: “scientists?” More like Soros & Jihad Justin’s ad agency”

 “I like how it leaves out pew research that says mixed-race marriages have a higher chance of divorce.”

And it’s true. The numbers can’t be denied (even by a left-wing website).

White Wife & Asian Husband – 59 percent more likely to divorce in comparison to same-race white couples

White Wife & Black Husband – 50 percent more likely to divorce

Asian Wife & White Husband – 4 percent more likely to divorce

Black Wife & White Husband – 44 percent less likely to divorce.

Whether you agree with interracial relationships or not, it cannot be denied that Canada, as well as many other nations in the Western world, are using this as a means to push their own liberal agenda and discriminate against the White race.