CAUGHT: CNN Accidentally Debunks Their Own Claim That White Men Commit More Mass Murders


Ah. The high-school shooter, a role that is often conflated with the stereotypical image of a disgruntled white man, angry with the world for some unknown reason. While engaging in the promulgation of racial stereotypes is almost universally frowned upon when applied to non-white populations, when the race of the Las Vegas shooter was discovered in early October 2017, CNN was quick to jump the race card and blame “whiteness” as a cause. 

Indeed. In a column written by Naaz Modan, a Muslim woman and content editor at Muslim Girl, it is argued that mass shootings are “a white man’s problem.” Modan also cites statistics concerning Republicans and gun ownership (as if this is a contributing factor) and states that “if mass shootings were perpetrated mostly by brown bodies, this would quickly be reframed and reformed as an immigration issue.”

What Modan, and apparently CNN, seem to not understand is that a supermajority of United States’ demographic is predominately white, with over 73% of the population identifying as such in 2015. Seeing that, according to Mother Jones (the authority repeatedly cited by CNN), approximately 64% of mass shootings in the U.S., this is not a disproportional number, and CNN admits this an earlier column, titled, “Who commits mass shootings?” 

This later article, written by Dana Ford back in 2015, points out that when the size of racial demographics in the United States are compared, ” it turns out that whites and blacks are pretty proportionate to their population, very close.” If whites are responsible for the majority of mass shootings in the United States, it is only because whites comprise a supermajority of the country’s population, and thus the statistic cannot be understood as disproportional. 

And so, when considering the demographic makeup of mass shooters in the West, we must acknowledge the fact that a large majority of the United States is composed of white individuals, thus, it is only natural to expect that an large majority of shooters in the United States are likely to be white. We are not dealing with a country that it 25% white, 25% black, 25% Asian, and 25% Indian. In such a case, proportionally speaking, black Americans would commit a grossly disproportionate amount of shootings nationwide. 

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