If you were sort of on the fence about Mark Zuckerberg before, (didn’t love him or hate him/ didn’t care) you probably hate his guts now. After years of people saying they weren’t sure how “private” their privacy settings were on the social media platform, we found out the hard way that our information was being sold to third parties. How did Zuckerberg respond? He gave several fake apologies and promised that he would do a better job at censoring hate speech. 

No Zuckerberg… that’s exactly what people don’t want you to do, it has nothing to do with our right to privacy. The list of reasons why no one likes Zuckerberg keeps piling up, and if he wants to continue living the high life, he needs to understand the needs of his customers. In other words, he needs to understand how to act and operate like a regular human being.   

After the highchair incident at his congressional hearing made meme headlines, nobody has stopped talking about how ridiculous the Facebook dictator is. People began to search online any negative traits they could find pertaining to Zuckerberg, but if you were to get on Google and type in his name right this minute, you wouldn’t actually see the popular search words, you’d see all the filtered ones.  

A post on Gab by Christoph Kunz reveals how someone used Google to search all things Mark Zuckerberg. The popular search results came in as things like “Mark Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur… is a dad… is a leader… is a vegetarian… is the greatest man that ever existed.” Okay, so that last one wasn’t on there, but it might as well have been. When Kunz switched his browser and used DuckDuckGo, he found out what people were really saying about Mark Zuckerberg, not just what Google wanted you to see. 

“Mark Zuckerberg is a scumbag… a Rockefeller…a sociopath… a lizard… a thief… idiot memes… a jerk… a Rothschild.” That’s what people really think of the liberal’s golden boy who is so short he needs a booster seat. One person commented on the Gab post saying, 

“I get the same results on DuckDuckGo, but in Google, I just don’t get any suggestions at all.” 

Most of the Gab users who tried it found out that everything stated in the original post was correct. Of course, Google, a company known for its unnecessary amount of cencorship, wants everybody to think that Mark Zuckerberg is just an ordinary guy living the dream. In reality, no one trusts him and it’s not very hard to see why.     

Yet another excuse to ditch Facebook and get on Gab.