People never seem to surprise us with how disgusting they are anymore. 15 young girls have recently come forward to the press explaining that they had been forced into drug trafficking and victims of sexual abuse. The culprits were an entire gang of British-Pakistani nationals led by Mumtaz, also known as Taja Pehlwan. The girls confessed that they were threatened by these men, telling them that if they came forward to anyone that they release “private information” about them on the internet. For a while at least, the girls complied.   

This private information wasn’t just petty doxxing, it was pure blackmail. Revealing that the British-Pakistani nationals lured them into marriage by promising a wonderful life abroad, they also recounted what had happened to them on their wedding nights. When each of these men would marry, they would film their new wives in their moments of intimacy. Then afterword, they would show their true colors by threatening them with the release of the videos online.

I say wives for a reason; many of the men would take more than one woman to be their wife. Though at first, they seemed to be kind and respectable men promising these young girls a great life, after the videos were filmed they were threatened to perform every illegal activity that was asked of them. They refused to take their wives abroad as all of them promised they would do, and they would beat their wives and sexually abuse them. 

Ages of the girls involved have not been revealed, but we know that they’re young enough that in America, if these odd men came knocking on these girls front door, the parents would shoot them. But in places like the Middle East, Muslim girls are often forced by their parents to marry at an uncomfortably young age. With all of them promising a better life, the parents of these daughters behaved as if they had won the lottery and sent their girls off to the slaughterhouse. 

The British-Pakistani nationals are currently in hiding and have yet to deliver on their promises to blackmail their victims now that they have come forward with vital information. The girls say they are using this as a chance to warn parents of these human traffickers and to not send their daughters off with just anybody. Hopefully, soon, these men will be caught and justice will be served. But this isn’t America, in corrupt Muslim nations, gangs like these are often allowed to exist and bring torment to any woman they please. This may be far from over, but the bravery of these women speaks volumes.