The Color Purple Revolution: Hillary’s Elite Cult Wants War

Purple Revolution

Ever since her crushing defeat and the revelations of pizzagate, or pedogate, Clinton’s Purple Revolution has been actively stirring up trouble across the country. Clinton and her cohorts including Janet Yellen have also been wearing the color purple, quite visibly, to show the control they still have.

Purple Revolution

From raising interest rates in a volatile economy, to encouraging citizens to rise up and resist the Trump Administration because of “muh progressivism”, while Soros is paying most of these “activists” (aka Useful Idiots: Black Lives Matter, FEMEN, Living Wage, ANTIFA, etc.) to show up and resist. All of these concentrated efforts are working overtime to undermine Trump. Even a mainstream newspaper such as the Chicago Tribune (Chicago of all places!) called out Soros.

These people don’t just show up on the street or at some rally. They are also flooding town halls and raising a ruckus. It begs the question, just how many ACTUAL constituents are getting their voices heard? Why would such a democratic, tolerant, peaceful, and progressive movement get in the way of their fellow citizens, their right to free speech and self-preservation?

It seems the answer is an hourly rate somewhere in the high-teens, even benefits! With so many Bernouts out there, who have no candidate to get behind and support, it isn’t surprising that hordes of these sell-outs show up.
People are getting fed up and taking notice of the paid opposition because of this. Furthermore, as people start to ignore, criticize, or dismiss these hooligans and their Marxist agenda, the Deep State must resort to more desperate tactics to jump-start their little revolution.

The recent shooting in Alexandria is an excellent example of this. It’s not like Pizzagate and the Purple Revolution haven’t been linked or anything. When you look into who Hodgkinson’s history and social media becomes apparent that this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill shooting, maybe this child abuser was upset that Scalise is working to fight human trafficking. I’m not sure why Democrats thought sending pizza to his office would be appropriate at this time unless of course, they were trying to be funny.

It all seems a little too convenient the New York Slime would publish the security details and whereabouts of members of Congress and the Trump administration. In this article, they specifically refer to the Alexandria baseball practice at a public park. This shooting seems like a targeted attack with a motive, also convenient that the shooter dies.

With all of these facts, it is tough to dismiss the case that maybe this shooter was not acting alone without any assistance. How does someone get from Illinois to DC with a weapon? How does he even get a weapon in Illinois or DC, where the gun control laws are some of the strictest in the country? He probably read the New York Slime and figured out where to find his target.

It is not unreasonable to assume the Purple Revolution will be going into overtime in the near future with more provocations, more shootings, and more protests, all in the name of “resistance.” Get ready.