Gun control now advocates are once again choosing to remain silent in the wake of another tragedy that was avoided thanks to a good guy with a gun. A Little Caesars employee in Florida took matters into his own hands Saturday night when he shot and killed a crazy man who was wearing a demonic looking clown mask and using scissors as a weapon.

It was 11:50 pm on a Saturday night. Little Caesars employee Heriberto Feliciano, 28, was closing up shop, according to the statement he gave police. As he was walking out of a side door after checking the security system, the attacker in the clown mask revealed himself and aggressively approached Feliciano with a wooden post. Feliciano claims the masked man began hitting him with the wooden post in the face and shoulder until the plank broke, which in turn, caused the attacker to get level 9000 mad and break out the scissors. 

The so far unidentified suspect pinned Feliciano to the ground and attempted to stab him with the scissors. Without hesitation, the Little Caesars employee sprung into action by firing five shots at close range. He said that afterward, he placed the gun on the trunk of his car and dialed 911. The suspect was then transferred to the hospital where he later died.    

No one was killed, nothing worse happened outside of the fact this mentally ill man is probably responsible for a lot of two-week notices that are going to be coming in. But it wasn’t some soy boy talking about peace and tolerance that saved lives, it was a gun. One man who had common sense did what had to be done to save lives. Carlton Akins, who lives near the Little Caesars, said in a statement that he thought the employee made the right call.

“I’m sorry the guy got killed, but he got what he deserved.” 

Had Feliciano been a social justice warrior flaunting a gun control now t-shirt, things may have gone much different. Thank God for good guys with guns.