CNN, you did it again. You managed to show the world just how monstrous you truly are. 

In today’s coverage of the “yes” vote that saw victory in Ireland on lifting the abortion ban, CNN wrote and published an article that would send shivers down any pro lifer’s spine. Calling the yes vote a compassionate verdict, CNN reported:

It was a scene of jubilation as some supporters burst into tears. Others began laughing as they hugged one another and asked each other, “Can you believe we did this?”

Emma Gallagher, 22, began crying as she heard the final results.
“I feel safe now, I feel comfortable. It felt for a long time women didn’t matter… Now we know that we matter.”
She’s telling us that she didn’t feel “safe” in her country because they once had regard for human life? Women matter, this is Ireland we’re talking about here, not some country in the Middle East where you risk human trafficking, torture, acid attacks, and have no rights whatsoever simply because you’re a woman. CNN continued, 
In his statement Saturday, Varadkar (Prime Minister) acknowledged that those who voted against the repeal likely feel that they no longer recognize their country.
“I want to reassure you that Ireland today is the same country as it was last week,” he said, “but just a little bit more tolerant, more open and more respectful.”
For those opposed, there was no “love and tolerance,” they were treated as if they were old-fashioned rather than people with morals. Pro Choicer’s condone killing the most innocent and defenseless forms of human life; the unborn. The unborn don’t get to choose whether they live or die, so how is that humane? How is that compassionate? A woman can choose not to have sex, unfortunately not in every circumstance, but 9 times out of 10 it’s her choice. Then, it’s her choice if she wants to raise the baby or have family help her raise the child, or give he/she up for adoption. The choices here are multiple, yet feminists want to be able to legally be given the option to murder their own child.   
It doesn’t matter if you lean Republican or Democrat, if you side with CNN and praise the murdering of children, politely put, you are highly misinformed. Life is precious, not something to be disregarded based on circumstance. Life is a miracle, treat it that way.