CNN’s falling ratings have been a well-documented fact for some time now. Which is perhaps unsurprising considering the network earned no less than four “victories” at the President’s recent fake news awards. Despite this, however, it’s still somehow a bit shocking to learn just how bad things really have gotten over at the original 24 news network. With a recent report revealing that the online video game streaming service Twitch, is now beating CNN in total viewers on a regular basis.

For those possibly unfamiliar with the name. Twitch is a service where viewers tune in to watch others play video games. It is also now apparently a more popular destination for American eyeballs than the one-time leader in cable news. In fact, viewing reports from this past January paint a grim picture for CNN all around. As it now firmly trails behind it’s two major cable news rivals. With the troubled network pulling in only a measly average of 783 thousand concurrent viewers at any given time.

For comparison’s sake, its fellow Left-leaning competitor MSNBC averaged 885k viewers in the same period, and both are left in the dust by the more Conservative Fox News at 1.5 million. So where does Twitch compare with these numbers? In January the streaming service had its biggest month ever, averaging a healthy 962 thousand concurrent viewers. Passing the numbers for MSNBC and blowing CNN out of the water.

CNN might claim to be the voice of the American people, but when more actual Americans are tuning into watch Minecraft and Overwatch streams, it would seem that most people would rather do something else with their time then listen to a never ending smear campaign against the President and his party. As CNN’s ratings continue to collapse month after month and the viewership for sites like Twitch rise steadily at the same time. Maybe it’s time the old guard media realizes people just aren’t that interested in hearing the same old sensationalist fueled stories day after day anymore.

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