It’s possible you are already familiar with George Ciccariello-Maher. As his extremist political views combined with his outspoken nature have gained him quite a bit of online notoriety in the past year. A notoriety that certainly peeked a few months back with his now infamous set of tweets made in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.  

Amazingly but perhaps unsurprisingly, the sheer insensitivity of the above statements was not enough at the time for Mr. Maher’s employer Drexel University, to do more than place him on a brief administrative leave. When considering that fact it is important to keep in mind that the Vegas tweets were hardly this Global Studies professor’s first examples of Leftist extremism. 

This is after all the same guy who stated a man voluntarily giving up his first class seat on a plane to a U.S. soldier made him want to vomit. Or how about that time he tweeted out on Christmas Eve that all he wanted for the holiday was a White Genocide.

Now however the man himself has finally done what the school should have done a long time ago and will be stepping down from his teaching post at the start of the new year. Claiming in an open letter you can read here, that Right-Wing, White Supremacist media outlets and internet mobs have made his situation at Drexel unsustainable.

I want to point out that while this man complains about internet harassment campaigns, his response to an ex Antifa member now facing legitimate ostracizing and death threats from all her friends and family for reporting the groups violent acts to the police, was simply “boo fucking hoo.”

This is also the same man who hypocritically attempted to fall back on free speech protections when his online rants started landing him in hot water after spending his entire academic career calling those same free speech principles problematic and dangerous. Mr. Maher has himself stated we must stop the Right from being allowed to make “thinly veiled provocations disguised as free speech.” Yet when it is convenient for him his supporters post messages like the following.

Maybe it’s time this Global Studies teacher picked up both an English dictionary and a copy of the U.S. Constitution. He might be surprised to learn that free speech by definition means exactly what the words state. FREE SPEECH, not just whatever it is that I personally am not offended by speech.

It’s more important than ever, that we are aware that these proudly self proclaimed Communists are increasingly the core of the Academic elite “educating” our kids in America today. We should never be made to feel guilty for calling these types out whenever possible, and trying to limit their continued growing influence in our schools. Unless we do force more teachers like Mr. Maher to resign, in another generation or so the majority in America will be joining him tweeting out nonsense like this on Christmas day.

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