In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Canada, people are starting to question what the motive might have been behind Alek Minassian’s deadly decision. Minassian is the 25-year-old who while driving a van, intentionally ran over a crowd of people, killing 10 and injuring 15 others. Most people would see him, look at his name, look at his crime, look at the things he says online, and say, “This guy is likely an Islamic terrorist.” You would be right in thinking this, but not everybody knows how to use their set of eyes or common sense.

One feminist on Twitter, Tara Greene who claims to be a Canadian psychic and soul teacher took to the social media platform to give the world what she believed to be 100% factual. 

is NOT Muslim he is an Armenian Orthodox Christian with mental illness and he was radicalized by 4Chan which hates women. He was angry that no women wanted him.”

That’s right, she blaming 4chan for what he did. Apparently, 4chan hates women so much that they aren’t even allowed to use the platform. She also mentioned how angry he was that no woman wanted him, and honestly, what self-respecting woman would? 

When asked to give her sources on what she had claimed to be “fact,” she had none to give. One Twitter user commented,

“You’re ignorant and are spreading misinformation…all your ‘info’ was conjured by a 4chan troll…basically, you’ve been duped, sucker.  Where was your magic powers telling you it was a hoax info…scam artist.”

Her “info that she heard from the news” was actually a tweet posted several hours earlier and worded almost the exact same way.  

is not Muslim. He is an Armenian Christian incel. His anger comes from his entitlement to women and his anger due to their rejection. His terrorism was based on his sexism.”

All of this “information” allegedly came from a joke on 4chan, the site that according to the Canadian psychic is responsible for creating a killer. 

No matter how many social justice warriors try to explain this differently to you, Alek Minassian is not some Christian white boy, he’s an Islamic terrorist with some serious mental health issues. He begged for the police to shoot him after his monstrous act, and honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t. Countries considered to be our allies just keep letting Muslims into their land by the thousands and are constantly paying the rice for it. Will they ever wake up?