The SJW media wars continue. In a seeming race to the cultural bottom, TV networks continue to try and find the most politically correct show possible. After all in just the past three months, we have had multiple announcements of Social Justice Warrior friendly programs including:

An Anti-Police, Pro Black Lives Matter Show

A 1970’s Set “Nazi Hunting” Show Based On Real World Murders

An Alternative History Show Depicting An All Black American Nation

And Finally A Slew Of Pro-Illegal Immigration Shows

Not content just for fresh pandering however, the CW has just announced plans to reboot an old iconic program. This time though refreshed with a modern Liberal twist. The genius idea in question? A show about real extraterrestrial aliens, that just also happen to be illegal immigrants! It’s so obviously stupid, I am almost shocked no one in Hollywood tried it sooner.

A reboot of the 90’s hit teen targeted TV series Roswell based on the book series Roswell High. The new show will largely just be a modern remake of the series. It’s only unique feature being the planned immigration twist, with the main character set to be the daughter of two undocumented border hoppers.

Producers have stated that as the story has always been about how the politics of fear and hatred divide us, it only made sense to bring in this modern twist to help ground the show better in the real world. The only thing this unnecessary reboot will actually accomplish though is to prove once more, that modern Hollywood seems simply unwilling to produce mass entertainment that doesn’t also force their political views onto things. With movies, TV, and even video games, increasingly filled with these not so settle agenda’s. I increasingly wonder if books will soon be the only medium allowing for alternative viewpoints left. At least until they stop mimicking George Orwell and try some Ray Bradbury for a bit instead. 

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