Lauren Hogg, who only has verification status on Twitter because she goes to Stoneman Douglas High School and is the younger sister of CNN’s golden boy David Hogg, took to the social media platform yesterday to complain about her school’s new policy concerning backpacks. 

To prevent students from sneaking in guns, knives, guns, fireworks, or guns, (did I mention that guns kill people on their own and are the most dangerous weapon known to man?) students are now required to wear clear backpacks so that everyone can see what’s in them. Lauren Hogg started the day off by tweeting what she knew her experiences would like as soon as she entered the school grounds.

“Today when I walk into school I will be greeted with armed police, wand detectors and clear backpacks. Is this what my high school experience is going to be like? 3 more years of this… Someday when my kids ask me about my high school experience what am I going to tell them?”

Once she got to school, it wasn’t as horrible as she imagined. No… It was worse! Posing for a picture with her new required accessory, she posted another distressing tweet to all her adoring fans. 

“My new backpack is almost as transparent as the NRA’s agenda. I feel sooo safe now. As much as I appreciate the effort we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons.”   

David Hogg also retweeted his sister’s post, clearly distressed over the new policy himself. Other students even chimed in saying “This backpack is probably worth more than my life,” and that the bags were a violation of privacy. Responses to Hogg’s complaint varied. Some were supportive SJW’s who had nothing better to do than scream along with them, while others pointed out their hypocrisy. 

“Lol. You advocate taking the 2nd Amendment rights from others, but cry about a clear backpack. Childish acts of children.”

“You’re crying about privacy saying its unfair to wear a clear backpack, so just repeal the second amendment instead….. do you understand how absolutely nonsensical all of you guys sound?!”

“Question – Do teachers have to use clear bags too? What about students in the band? Do they have to use clear instrument cases? I feel like whoever came up with this clear backpack idea didn’t think of everything.”

Having everyone see things like extra pairs of underwear and tampons would be embarrassing, but if everyone else is doing it, does that make it trendy? Of all the things to complain about, clear backpacks is low on the list of world issues. They said they wanted more government control and they got it. The fact that they can’t stop complaining only proves that they don’t really want change, they want attention and fulfillment of their own agendas.