A school shooting took place this morning, but you didn’t hear a peep about it from David Hogg. That’s because a cop with a gun intervened, and now Hogg can’t admit he’s wrong. 

Early this morning, shots rang out across Dixon High School with what some students thought to be firecrackers. Luckily, no one suffered any life-threatening injuries and the suspect has now been taken into custody. Had it not been for a good guy with a gun, things could have gone a lot worse. The Chicago Tribune reports: 

The incident began about 8 a.m., according to officials speaking at a late-morning news conference. Students had gathered at the gym for graduation practice.

Dixon police Chief Steven Howell said the suspect, a 19-year-old man, “fired several shots” near the gym

The school resource officer, identified as Mark Dallas, confronted the suspect, who then fled from the school with the officer in pursuit, Howell said. During the pursuit, the suspect fired several shots at the officer but did not strike him.

The officer fired back at the suspect, wounding him and ending his reign of terror. It’s vital that gun control now advocates understand; things could have gone in a totally different direction, but instead, a police officer with a gun stopped it all before anyone could get hurt. 

The male suspect, a former student of the school who has yet to be named, is said to have major depression issues and to have been “very, very sad for a long time,” according to his Mother. 

Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellano Jr. expressed his gratitude toward Mark Dallas’ heroic acts in an official statement: 

“From the angle I’m looking at right now, a lot of things went right today when a great many of them could have gone wrong. Things could have gone much worse.”

But gun control now advocate David Hogg is not impressed. In fact, as the school shooting was taking place, Hogg took to Twitter to promote his “young people will win” campaign, which encourages the youth of America to speak out against the second amendment. The incident happened this morning, and Hogg has yet to even acknowledge it. Now that he has been proven wrong yet again on why the second amendment is important, he chooses to ignore it altogether rather than admit he’s wrong and congratulate the officer who saved all those kid’s lives today.    

The kids at that school who are traumatized by what happened with this psycho former student don’t actually matter to David Hogg. Since no one died because of guns, and lives were saved because of guns, Hogg has zero thoughts and prayers to offer. 

For liberals, if it doesn’t fit their narrative, it doesn’t deserve their attention.   

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