To demonstrate how much he hates guns, (cause you know, guns murder people all by themselves) David Hogg, the poster boy for “Gun Control Now” brought himself and a few of his buddies over to Publix, who he warned would feel his wrath after the company refused to change their stance on their support for the second amendment. Staging an event he dubbed “die-in,” Hogg used chalk and let people draw around his body 17 times to represent those who lost their lives during the Florida school.

Covering Hogg’s temper tantrum, the mainstream media sent over a chopper to take snapshots of Hogg’s vandalism and praise him for his progressive thinking. Frustrated, people took to Twitter to voice their concerns. Kyle Kashuv tweeted: 

“You guys sent a chopper for this? Holy cow!

I’m selling the Brooklyn bridge. Want to send a chopper to cover the sale?”

Justin Smith replied and added, 

“You will discover, as you make your way into conservative activism, that you can organize an event with thousands and get no coverage, and the left can show up with dozens and make all the networks. It’s not an accident.”

Hogg’s decision to take up parking space at Publix because he didn’t get his way was not only childish in nature, but stupid and unsafe as well. What if someone ran over him and his band of misinformed friends while they were just laying there in the parking lot? The next day, a cleaning crew had to actually be sent to the location because they couldn’t wash away all of the chalk. 

Hogg is still on the defensive; just hours ago sending an aggressive directed at Publix. Knowing they were less than thrilled at his actions, he tweeted:

“@Publix I’m shaking in my boots awaiting your DM.” 

However, one user called his bluff.

“Lol, you’re not getting a dm from Publix, dweeb. No one likes you. Publix has been a staple of the Florida community for GENERATIONS—long before this brat from Cali moved here.”

Ouch! If Hogg hasn’t gotten the message by now that he’s doing more harm than good, I don’t think he ever will.