It’s a wonder people are still following the creepy cult of David Hogg. He’s been outed on more than one occasion for his obnoxious behavior on social media; getting the blue check mark for no reason, boycotting people who disagree with him, as well as being responsible for lack of sponsorships to people who publicly criticize him. Social justice warriors continue to fight like Hitler’s brown shirts at David’s side, and he feeds off of their hatred for anything remotely right-wing. 

Political commentators have criticized him only to meet his wrath, American citizens with common sense continue to criticize him on his god complex, only to get an ear full from every triggered SJW within 500 miles. But one State Senate candidate has dared to test the waters and boldly speak her mind. Do feminists back her up for her bravery? Of course not, she’s not a liberal!   

Recently, Julie Killian (candidate for New York State Senate) was quoted saying, 

“Every time that idiotic Hogg person speaks I’m compelled to do the opposite of what he’s advocating, because it’s so clear that he’s nothing more than a tool and a drone.”

Killian tried to soften the blow for any potential voters. She explained on Twitter, 

“Since Parkland, I’ve continually praised the bravery of the students who are speaking out about this issue. I immediately condemned the attacks on the Parkland students & made it clear those statements were reprehensible.”

But people still agreed that the former statement was true; David Hogg is a tool and a drone and a puppet. He used a terrible tragedy to further his own ambitions and get a quick trip to fame. Unfortunately for Killian, Hogg found the quote and proceeded to rant on Twitter about it:

: “Every time that idiotic Hogg person speaks I’m compelled to do the opposite of what he’s advocating” Hey so who’s your opponent? Do they support saving lives because I do. 

A quick Google search would have told him that Killian’s opponent is Democrat Shelley Mayer, and she is riddled with scandals. Why would Hogg support her? Oh, that’s right, because she’s a Democrat like he is, I get it now.  

Elections are held on April 24th, so if you live in New York, this may be your chance to show David Hogg that he can’t have everything he wants just because he throws a temper tantrum on Twitter and bullies people who call him out on his stupidity. 

The test of time has shown us that despite several people’s attempts to say, “hey Hogg, what the heck are you doing dude? Stop being weird on Twitter.” David Hogg remains the same and shows his true colors as a Hitler wannabe. The more people call him out, the more people wise up. 

It’s time we start saying what we mean when it comes to people like Hogg who seek to gain attention by any means necessary.