Since the Flordia School Shooting, a common trend has spread across social media platforms; the destroying of ones AR15 so that it may “never be used by anyone ever again.” It’s a form of activism performed by gun control advocates who also happen to be gun owners themselves. It started with a guy named Scott-Dani Pappalardo who in response to the shooting, sawed his weapon in half. He posted the video on Facebook, and liberals were overjoyed. Here he was, a typical straight white male destroying his gun in the name of justice and liberty. What he didn’t know, was that he had just committed a felony.   

Democratic congressional candidate Karen Mallard followed in his footsteps; just yesterday she sawed her and her husband’s AR15 in half and uploaded the entire process to Facebook. (Her words were scripted of course, and it was an obvious plug for her congressional run) She stated in the post:

“I took a personal stand for gun safety and I’m not backing down. A staffer took down this video to try to protect me from these vicious comments, but I’m not the one that needs protection our children do. Thanks for listening and sharing. We need gun reform now.”   

She proceeded to saw the gun in half, despite this being a felony. Mallard did not actually destroy her weapon as she happily claimed. Instead, she just shortened it. Karen cut the barrel and gas tube, but the weapon could still be fired by pulling back the bolt and releasing it. Again, this is illegal. The gun’s barrel is now below the 16-inch federal mandated barrel length for long guns and is a felony under the federal National Firearms Act.  

NFA violations carry penalties of up to 10 years in federal prison and fines of up to $250,000. So instead of running for Congress, she’s running from the law. Comments on her video not only pointed out her involvement in illegal activity but also on how ridiculous this was, to begin with. 

“Look who just got divorced when her husband came home!”

“Someone hasn’t read shooting statistics. Otherwise, you’d be aiming more for handguns, but you’re just another bleeding heart knee-jerk responsive type who’s just another echo propionate monger.”

“What a bullshit political stunt.”

‘You committed a felony and kept people from protecting their rights in the future. Goood job.”

It looks like all this talk of “destroying guns” and “gun control now” isn’t getting people anywhere close to their goals, just closer to the jailhouse. Despite claims of innocents, Mallard committed a felony and should, therefore, be charged and sent off to prison. Unless of course, liberal agenda’s are above the law…