Breaking News: Not everyone who uses food stamps does it with honor and integrity. 

Okay, so maybe this isn’t breaking news, and maybe you’re like me, and you cringe every time you hear some woman shout “EBT! I’ve got EBT!” at the top of her lungs while waiting to pay at the register. Most people, or at least most people should feel ashamed for even having to be on government assistance. The fact that you can’t get by on your own isn’t something to have a parade about, yet time and time again all I see from people on these programs is the same initialed spirt. The same “I’ll get all this food from the government, and then I’ll go get my hair and nails ‘did'” attitude. 

But Trump is putting a stop to it. 

You may have seen on multiple forms of liberal media, how Trump wants to introduce pre-made “food boxes” to not only save American dollars but to also combat food stamp abuse. “Oh, you silly right-winger!” The triggered liberal scoffs. “There is no food stamp abuse! Nobody actually brags about living off of the government! Burn in hell you racist bigot!” So, triggered liberal, what’s this? 

And what is this?

What is this woman famous, or rather, infamous on the internet for doing? Mocking people who work for minimum wage, laughing at the taxpayer, and feeding lobster (that she, of course, brought with her food stamps) to her dog. She claimed she was on social security because of depression, and if you have the same issues, she encourages you to do the same. The only people who defended this were SJW’s, and even then, some of them were raising their eyebrows. 

So instead of having food stamps for which low-income families can use to buy food and drink, Trump has purposed food boxes that would have government chosen food items like shelf-stable milk, peanut butter, canned fruits, meats, and cereal packed and ready to go. The Department of Agriculture is calling Trump’s proposal, “America’s Harvest Box” and the USDA predicts would save over $129 billion in Taxpayer money. So what’s the problem?

The problem is liberals, specifically ones who don’t want to learn to walk on their own. Politico writes: 

Kevin Concannon, who oversaw SNAP during the Obama administration, was aghast when he saw the proposal.

“Holy mackerel,” said Concannon, who said it reminded him of when poor people had to line up and wait for local officials to dole out food and other welfare benefits. “I don’t know where this came from, but I suspect that the folks, when they were drawing it up, were also watching silent movies.”

Concannon is referring to the fact that these boxes would likely not be shipping to peoples homes. So what? Do people have to literally do nothing but sit on their bum for them to accept this proposal? They were able to get up, drive to the store, and buy their wine and lobster before, so this should be no different.   

What is your take away? Is Trump on to something? Will this, in the long run, save us millions if not billions of dollars? Will it teach liberals to stop being lazy? Let’s have a conversation.