Emma Thole: A New Beacon


People all over the right side of the internet have been talking about their latest accidental meme; Emma Thole. On October 13th, she posted a photo of herself to the Facebook group “ANCAPISTAN”. Unlike the disturbing amount of normies who sneak into these groups to post explicit rate me selfies, Emma took it a step further in the right direction. She boldly went where (hardly) any woman has gone before. Holding her laptop full of Pepe memes, she gave the always acceptable “okay” sign. Her attire was also appropriate, wearing a modest green flannel to compliment the invasion of Pepe. She wrote her caption, “Getting ready to trigger libtards epic style!!!!! Praise Kek xD !!!! What’s ur excuse for not having an edgy right win meme queen kekistani shitposter  GF like me” It’s also worthy to note that she put “Feeling determined” as her status. This isn’t meant to be a serious, political post, it’s all in good kekistani fun.  

What she didn’t anticipate, was how many of her own people would resort to roasting her, calling her things like “Thot” and “Attention seeker.” While most of it was all in good fun, a few liberals caught a glimpse of the post and decided to take “sh*tposting” to a whole other level. Spreading screen shots to Reddit and 4Chan, she quickly gained the attention of thousands ((maybe even six million-billion )). Some wanted to roast, some wanted to congratulate, and others just wanted to send her creepy friend requests and marriage proposals. Regardless of the response, it was all either extremely positive, or extremely negative.

As a woman who’s been roasted numerous times by people with my same basic ideology, I kind of feel her pain. People on both the left and the right are doing what they do to every woman, calling the “Thot patrol.” A term which usually calls for a ban or disavow. In Emma’s defense, one user of ANCAPISTAN posted, 

“People complaining about [women he posted about] obviously weren’t around for the Cooper days. How many incels gotta bi*ch about “thots” cause they posts get absolutely 0 traction? Pick a meme and force it my dude, that’s all it is.”

 I mean, the use of ghetto language here is sort of amusing, but the user has a point. The term ‘incels” refers to a person who is jealous in nature and cannot handle the attention someone else is getting, so they resort to name calling and other weak tactics. Since her “claim to fame”, Emma has received hundreds of friend requests, even making a short video as a joke to her haters, bragging about how many friend requests she has to delete. One user wrote:  

“I invite— no— I *encourage* all Ancapistanis (including any willing incels, of which I am sure there are only very few) to acknowledge the difference between the shitposting we deserve and the unfortunate thotposting that has plagued this sacred ground.

“There are 3 or 4 self-proclaimed beloved thots who I won’t (or more accurately, unjustifiably *can’t*) name, but you know who they are, and they dump their horrible low-quality normie posts here on a minute-by-minute basis.

“Their attention-seeking is a cancer and a distraction from the very serious business that we should be addressing in a prestigious group such as this.

“This place is deteriorating faster than /b/ fell to normie Redditors earlier this decade.

“As such, this is an official call to not just ignore, but furthermore BLOCK all thotposters and deprive them of the attention that they think (and unfortunately have proven) they can garner from our weakest link AnCapistani neighbors.

“🅱️less them, is not their fault; their untouched peenors don’t know any better. But we can stop the thotposters, or at least discourage them… WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY.”

In my opinion, I’m happy that most of the right are now rallying behind Thole. In looking through the comments, I was pleased to see that more and more people were behind her, and those who weren’t and still aren’t, are seen as jealous or are just straight up leftists trolling her on Reddit and Instagram. Emma Thole, you are our new beacon of hope. You show us that women are just as passionate about the movement, even if their main focus right now are memes. My only advice to you? Stay woke. Don’t prove your haters right.       

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