“Entitled White Prick” Vs. “Cambodian Ni***r”: Apple Tech Bro Faces Off Against Hysterical Female Cyclist


Over the weekend, this video of a tech bro in California bickering with an irate woman on the streets went viral. The notable thing is the reaction of the left to what happens in this 55 second clip.

The altercation seems to have started minutes before the woman began filming her interaction with this guy.

Check that side eye towards her crazy mom!

What’s basically a tit-for-tat verbal exchange between a couple of Californians has turned into an online crusade to get this guy fired from his job at Apple (yes, he has been doxxed. I don’t care enough about him to share his personal details on this site).
I’ve seen a couple of online news sites frame this as some ‘brave woman’ standing up to this Evil Racist White Man, but from the looks of the video, the situations seems to be a bit more complex, as she is the first person to hurl a racialized insult.

This seems to be a pretty decent representation of the hypocrisy of the politically correct left, and illustrates their puzzling insistence that somehow racism against white people is impossible.

Also, the look of embarassment on her daughter’s face as she watches her mom hysterically screaming at this guy is priceless.