ESPN is talking more politics now then ever before and that is a good thing for the right. What do I mean by this I mean after all

ESPN exclusively supports the left so how can this be a good thing for the right. Well for years now in the West, especially in America, sports has been at the centerfold of thought, conversation, and pride for males, filling the void left when they were forced to give up the more traditional ideas of culture, morals, and ethnicity, and their identity within them for the good of multiculturalism. This makes them easier to control and more passive in the death of their society around them. So to me it’s a good thing ESPN is talking politics even if it is in support of left wing ideas because it takes away that outlet of Identitarian nationalism that is an intrinsic part of human nature. Creating a similar situation to that of Cortez in his conquest of Central America when he burnt all the ships that could sail his men back home to Spain forcing them to fight against incredible odds. Because let’s face it the globalist governments of the West have made it very hard to push back against their multicultural agenda. It’s a very uncomfortable position you put yourself in when you take on the cross of stopping cultural Marxism in favor of traditional morals, values, and objective understanding. You would have to have the mentality of that of a cornered animal in order to subject yourself to that kind of pariah.

Of course national pride being replaced by over involvement professional sports is nothing new in the West, Rome’s masses during the end of the decadent period were fervently engrossed in spectator events such as gladiator fights, and chariot racing. The heroes of their society switched from mighty centurions, and other warriors ,and commanders of valor and honor to simple gladiators and chariot teams, but this period was also marked by economic decline and loss of territory as a result of a severely weakened military and people. Rome only managed to escape these troubles when a Emperor would take over and return Rome to it’s roots of national pride and morals. Reinstating Rome to it’s former power and stability it’s like that old saying “bad times create strong men who create good times which creates weak men who create bad time starting the process over again”. So you can see from that how sports can put an entire society into a sort of malaise leaving them apathetically vulnerable to attack from outsiders. If this could happen to even the mighty stoic Roman empire it can happen to any society and we must learn from that.

I understand that this is hard I myself use to be a avid sports fan until I realized how meaningless it was to somehow put my hopes and feelings into a group of people I have nothing in common with and have no control over it seemed to be just a waste of energy, and a tactic used by the globalist elites to keep us passive. If you look to see how sports got to be at the point where Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday of sorts, you start to see a strong correlation of sports having a central role in life and the amount of political correctness prevalent in society. For instance in the 1950s when Westerners had a strong sense of identity and sports popularity was very mild ,and then in the 1980s when most of that identity was denied sports became much bigger, and now when no identity is allowed Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday.

To me it’s bittersweet sports is something a lot of men find interesting and a great way to pass the time but it seems it is necessary for Western culture’s survival that more people put professional sports at a much lower level of importance in their life, to reduce it back to a sort of trinket of entertainment.