For those of you who believe in “white privilege” (though if you read updates from our site, you probably have the sense not to) now may be the time to rethink your strange social stances and stop reading liberal propaganda. Today on Twitter, a blogger by the name of Mike Peterson said that he had a few pictures removed from him by Facebook. They contained zero nudity, zero violence, and nothing contained any strong language. The reason his profile pictures were removed, also later banning the user completely from the platform, is because he is white. Mike stated in his tweet:

“My face got me banned off Facebook. The photo is of an interview I did with

He then proceeded to show one of the photos that according to him, got him banned from the platform (thumbnail) The other is pictured below.   

One of his fans suggested in the comments on his blog that he was banned for his beliefs. Given the fact that his blogs seem to be controversial in nature, this is another likely possibility.      

“Facebook banned you because of your beliefs. I used Facebook, accessing through two VPN’s and a TOR browser. Facebook banned my account “because my IP address was always changing. This alone should tell you something. Facebook is actively collecting information on users. Mike, if people want the good information and work you are doing, they will find you through this website. Do not let these A-holes get in your way, step over them. Wotan’s folk do not quit.“

His profile pictures are slightly “edgy” I guess, and that observation in it of itself is a little bit of a stretch, but they don’t show anything that violates Facebooks standards. The guy is just white. When did being a straight white man become literally against Facebook policy? People say whites are privileged, but I have never seen anyone hate a race as much as they this one. Is it not okay to be white?