I had no idea until today that there were such titles as “Fat Activists” and that they were so heavily praised. But today on Twitter, a user by the name of “Your Fat Friend” was retweeted by comedian and apparent fat activist, Sofie Hagen. 

Reminder: my fat activism isn’t about self esteem, self love, or “body image.” It isn’t about my acceptance of my body—it’s about your rejection of my body.

My fat activism is about making sure that your fear of having a fat body doesn’t get in the way of my ability to meet basic needs, or be treated like a person, rather than a piteous problem to solve. Usually, your fear of having my body makes it much harder to get thru the day.

This Tweet is difficult to take seriously, and what’s more, Sofie seems to be one of those “let me remind you how much I hate Nazi’s so I can seem cool” types. Maybe she still has her verification status because she constantly retweets videos of Richard Spencer getting punched in the face and endorses “it’s not okay to be white” tweets. Okay. We get it. Let’s move on. 

Recently, she brought her fat activism to everyone’s attention when she Tweeted:

Self-care tip: If you find it hard to love your stomach, make it more obvious just how utterly cute and loveable it is. Yours truly, Sofie Hagen – glorifying obesity since 1996. 

She followed up by posting this picture:

She continued to speak about the matter after some were either criticizing her or saying how they wished they could “be this brave”. No. being fat does not make you brave. 

Our size has nothing to do with your health. What you eat, how you move and how you speak to yourself make up your health (physical and mental). You being large isn’t unhealthy. It only feels wrong because that’s what you’re being told. You’re not wrong.

There are just as much research showing that fat is healthy – and a lot showing that losing weight is unhealthy. It’s better to stay the size you are now and just making sure you move your body. But also: You don’t owe anyone being healthy. It’s okay to be unhealthy.

Being fat is not healthy. If you think Diabetes, having strokes, and being so fat that you can’t even fit in your chair is healthy, then you’re already a lost cause. “You don’t owe anyone being healthy. It’s okay to be unhealthy.” You owe it to yourself to be healthy. To live a long and happy life void of medical problems due to your weight. Fat is not healthy, and it is not beautiful. Taking care of yourself by eating right and getting a good amount of exercise is beautiful. If you want to actually be a world changer, and live a life past 40, don’t glorify obesity.   

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