On Saturday August 26th, 2017, Columbus United Against Hate organized a rally of solidarity for other similar rallies happening that day across the country, although this event was tame compared to some of the others. 

List of Useful Idiot Organizations who attended/endorsed the rally.

This demonstration was aimed at far-right groups organizing and recruiting on OSU campus.

It was a peaceful event, although some of the participants let a few shitlords get under their skin and reacted by pulling out there smartphone, pointing it in their faces and calling them Nazis and racists, how everyone was gonna find out, etc, etc.

The typical leftist groups made an appearance and some spoke at the rally. (Pictured right)

The Islamic Apologist group CAIR was represented by a speaker:

White Supremacy was the main topic. These people are legitimately scared of fascist Nazis, who only want to make the world a better place by reconnecting people with Nature and ending usury banking, just to name a few things.

The term “White” is synonymous with “Evil People” who have all the power and means of making wealth. Sound familiar? Decades of propaganda laced with neuro-linguistic programming have turned societies and people against each other. This behavior, which can be turned on like a switch, is destructive.

The gentleman in this video, lovingly referred to as “Porchboy”, talks about finding out where “Fascist, White Supremacist, Nazis” live and harassing them. Asking them “Why do you want to put my Mom in an oven?” I would think the response would be, “I don’t think your Mother could FIT in an oven if she looks anything like you.”

Keep in mind this rally was one of a few that day, and there were over 100 people at this very rally. It would not be surprising to see similar, or more violent, rhetoric used to catalyze the next structure conflict.

Most of these people here are Marxists in some way or another, not to mention a few Red Flags, sans hammer and sickle, how sneaky, were present.

There was also an American flag, but they probably didn’t get the memo, since the American flag is a symbol of White Supremacy and is racist.

A movement that demands equality and justice through any means is a threat to our society. This is recycled Bolshevism meant to throw our us into chaos. Spattering of manlets, fatties, and feminists, may not seem like a threat, but there is strength in numbers.

Of course, this organizing will be met with similar rallies organized by the right. Eventually tensions will come to a boiling point, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though.