Feminists Claim Men Fart Louder And Thus Contribute To Rape Culture: #FartRape


Move over man spread, your days are long gone. Fellow females, have you ever been in a room with someone who identifies as a man? Have you found that while innocently watching Netflix, he farts? Oh, but that seem natural doesn’t it? A natural gas that doesn’t harm our mother earth? Here’s the catch; men fart louder than we do. Yes that’s right, louder. They tend to fart more freely on top of that, creating unpleasant aromas that override our scented plug-ins. These constant urges to “let er rip” are not welcome. We as strong, powerful women hold back our farts, sometimes being forced to sit awkwardly in our seats while we pucker our butts. Why do men refuse to show the same courtesy? The answer to this is simple: They are fart raping us.                                  

Fart rape? Yes, this is a trending theme among today’s degenerate feminists. Reddit users are being hit with the lulz, most of them under the assumption that this must be a joke and nobody could be this stupid. But as one user put it, “Actually…” They can be. Third wave feminism uses every opportunity to make themselves the oppressed victim, even using silly terms like fart rape. 

Science advocates say that because of sexual dimorphism, men are larger, need a higher protein intake and thus more likely to pass gas. But as usual, logic as never been a feminist’s best friend. According to one of feminists greatest fools Ashleigh Ingle, Fart rape is something every woman should take seriously, doing whatever is necessary in order to stop the epidemic.

“By farting louder the man is using passive aggressive violence to position himself as dominant, this intimidates the woman to subconsciously not release as much flatulence and thus the woman fearing for her safety doesn’t fart as loud as a sign of submissiveness, this in turn contributes to rape culture and women being oppressed.” 

She continues saying how women shouldn’t be told to fart louder, men should be taught not to fart as loud. Why has this suddenly turned into a competition, do feminists have nothing better to do than to seek out oppression points? Maybe if they spent more time… Oh I don’t know, working harder to achieve their goals and contributing  positively to their fellow Americans, they wouldn’t feel so terrible and oppressed. Talk to one of these SJW’s and they’ll tell you how real fart rape is and how it effects their daily lives. One would say, “I tell my husband to stop everyday and yet he continuously pushes his narrative! He even laughs when he does it!” 

In their eyes, you can get away with fart rape… If you’re a man. Women are expected to hold back.  

Farting is healthy, and there is nothing oppressing about it. By comparing “non consensual farts” to actual rape, libtards contribute to humiliating and offending real rape victims. That’s not very empowering now is it? Men fart, women fart, we all fart. Let’s stop focusing on who farts the loudest and unite today.