As Hollywood continues to crumble amidst the now seemingly never ending wave of sexual abuse allegations coming to light against some of its biggest icons. A running theme of this whole saga is that many of these crimes have been seemingly semi-open secrets for years inside the community. For example as mentioned in a prior article, Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane even joked live on the televised broadcast about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuses way back in 2013.

This trend of jokes being made about real sexual misconduct years before actual serious allegations finally surface also holds true for the House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. Who as of today, now finds himself facing damning allegations all his own. With Star Trek Discovery star Anthony Rapp claiming that when he was only 14, a far older Spacey physically threw him onto a bed, before climbing on top of the young boy and making forceful sexual advances.

While Kevin himself has tried to deflect from the charges claiming to not remember what he calls simply drunken behavior, if it even happened at all. The idea of the long rumored and now confirmed gay Mr. Spacey, being a sexual predator of young boys has been a running joke in the media for years. Oddly it was once again Mr. MacFarlane who brought this to our attention early, as can be seen in this clip from his show Family Guy, that aired all the way back in 2015!

What’s both amazing and sad is that it took so long for all of these jokes to be taken seriously. Despite the fact they all imply these behaviors were well known or at least widely rumored inside Hollywood for years. For now at least, the question becomes do other possible victims of Mr. Spacey also come to light, now that one victim has finally spoken up.

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