Last week I broke down the ongoing saga of 4chans continued war against Hollywood actor and Liberal activist Shia Labeouf. I did this because the latest round in what many 4chan users have lovingly come to call the greatest game of Capture the Flag ever played had just started in France. In that prior column, I mentioned I didn’t expect it would be long before a real attempt was made to remove this latest version of the now infamous He Will Not Divide Us flag. However, even I didn’t expect things to escalate quite so quickly. 

With this latest version sitting atop of the Le Lieu Unique tower in Nantes, France. It would have seemed almost impossible to just physically climb up and grab it like “players” did with earlier versions. That’s why one enterprising French 4chan user immediately decided to take to the skies. Employing a drone equipped with a hand rigged flame thrower, he seemingly hoped to simply burn the flag right off. See for yourself here below the footage of this surprise night attack, caught by the Shia’s own personal 24/7 livestream of the flag.

While as you can see this first attack was unsuccessful. The fact that something as elaborate as a flame throwing drone has already been deployed in just a few days’ time, doesn’t bode well for the flags continued long term survival. The museum itself has also already reportedly stopped numerous break in attempts in the past week, with people trying to gain access to the roof. With break ins and now flame throwing drones to contend with. It’s also quite possible that Le Lieu Unique, like multiple other prior hosts of Shia’s little art project soon abandon it out of security concerns. It’s for that exact reason efforts to remove the flag are only likely to ramp up from here, as most would rather see the flag directly taken down once more versus forcing yet another voluntary removal.

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