For The First Time Ever: Majority Of White Americans Believe They Are Being Discriminated Against


Is it possible, that people are finally growing tired of this oppression Olympics? According to a poll on NPR, 55% of white Americans say they’re being pushed to the side, in favor of other races.

Jobs, help from our government, if you’re black, white Americans feel that you’e more likely to get these things. The site hosting the poll, published an update today, revealing the unfortunate truth that there are still some snowflakes that haven’t meted yet. Retired community college English teacher Betty Holton, scoffed at the possibility of being white and looked down upon. “I don’t see how we can be discriminated against when we have all the power.”  But what power? Sitting off to the side, jobless and hungry while a black person who is highly incapable of doing a job, or worse yet, has a job and can afford food, yet waves around their EBT card like it’s their golden ticket. One should not receive an opportunity because he or she is black, they should receive it because they’re determined and ready for the task. Yet all to often, even in my own world, I’ll see people who don’t make the cut, and its revealed the next day, that management decided to go for the black person or the Muslim person simply for the fact that there’s not enough “diversity”.

Diversity was never supposed to be a bad thing in this country, and yet now everything is so forced, and you get called a racist or a bigot for saying even the things I’m saying.

“It’s been going on for decades, and it’s been getting worse for whites,”     

This is the realization that many white American’s are having. All this talk of white privilege, white, guilt, whites ought to be proud of the the skin God gave them, just as anyone should be. How can someone say, “We must all accept each other and be equals” but then shove whites to the side and tell them to sit down so everyone else can speak? This sounds nothing like equality. Not one white person today was alive during the slave area in this country, so maybe we need to drop the “but muh slavery” narrative and move on.

White Trump supporters are also among those who feel the hot coals of discrimination. Many of which voted for Trump in hopes to put an end to the liberal nonsense. Under Obama, it was all about love for minorities and anger for whites. Trump was almost their light at the end of the tunnel.

When you’re white, a man, and need scholarships to get into college, it’s not going to happen. Those who step up to the plate to offer them, are met with hatred and criticism. Minorities (at least for now we can still call them that) have a much easier time getting these scholarships, and whites often feel excluded. 

You need to check your white privilege and sit down! Whites have been in power all this time, and now they’re just mad that they’re loosing that power.

An SjW always says this during debates. No, I don’t know what it’s like to be black and walking down the streets, but I do know what it’s like to be white and consistently told my opinion doesn’t mean anything because of the color of my skin. I’m not as good as you, because I’m white and you’re black. Perhaps now, with so many people fed up with the narrative that whites should hate themselves, these words will be a thing of the past.