Do you ever wish that fictional characters like Captain America, Thor, or Iron Man were real? Okay, if you’re not a geek like me you could probably care less, but in France, real vigilantes are stepping up to the plate in order to fill in the holes for law enforcement when it comes to the realm of Muslim gangs. 

Due to lack of employment, police departments are finding it difficult to intervein in situations like violent protests or gang riots in the streets. Instead of responding whenever the call to arms is given, departments are forced to reject them and send their officers elsewhere. Some have even suggested that officers are not responding because it gives in to the notion that Muslims are violent and that their religion is not one of peace, but’s that’s a whole other story…  

A user on Gab by the name of “Just News” posted the following on the free speech media platform. His post left others impressed, taking to their search bars to find out more: 


Europe is now seeing a wave of crime in areas that have opened up their borders with glee. There may not be enough police to deal with the problem, and because of that, many in Europe are taking measures into their own hands.”

He then linked users to the coolest thing you may ever see. 

Wearing coats and carrying tasers, several men put a stop to Muslim gangs causing trouble in the streets. Two gang members were stopped simply by brute force, but they were tasered into submission when proven to be uncooperative. After a few more gang members saw this, they tried to outrun the vigilantes, but they were no match against their skill and wit. 

This continues to happen on a regular basis, and the heroes continue to show up. Without them, the gang epidemic we are seeing now in France would be much worse than it is today. They may not have superhuman strength, but they are the heroes France needs.    

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