It appears Netflix might be regretting that record setting $118 million dollars it paid to secure the exclusive streaming rights for the hit 90’s show Friends. While the show was easily the most popular program on TV for years, it seems as if modern viewers just aren’t finding as much to love about the iconic program. With social justice warriors of all types increasingly taking to the internet to express their disgust over the show.

Two decades ago, Friends was far more likely to be criticized for playing things too safe than for being controversial in any capacity. Considered at the time to be just another rather standard major network prime-time comedy. The show was even often watched by whole families together. What greater sign of just how insane things have actually gotten in the present day, than the idea that Friends of all things can now be considered shocking and edgy to so many?

It’s not just the Liberal cesspit that is Twitter either getting in on the Friends hate. Popular websites like The Pool are even taking the time to write out full length hit pieces on the show. Who would have thought anyone would still be taking the time to so seriously discuss Friends in 2018, let alone attack it for being “problematic.”

While I can’t say I ever found the show particularly enjoyable myself, I do know anyone who seriously believes Friends was inherently racist or homophobic needs to lighten up and learn how to laugh again. Just imagine what these same people might think and say if they ever put a show like All In The Family on Netflix. For now I just hope all these millennials are prepared for their future children to someday complain about how problematic and disgusting today’s show like The Big Bang Theory are.

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