Another social media company is selling/leaking your information? How shocking. At this point it’s pretty obvious that if a service claims to be free its actually free*. It only costs you your privacy and in some cases even basic security of your information. From Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, sharing articles about how important it is for the left in the United States to assert themselves and dominate the political system, to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook testifying in front of congress after being busted for trying to obtain users’ medical history and claiming that the company needs to do more to “make sure its tools are used for good”. “Good” must be something that exists on a spectrum for leaders in the tech field. Discord CEO Jason Citron seems to be particularly bad though, even compared to the other leftwing radicals in his field. 

Citron was previously the head of a mobile gaming network service known as OpenFeint. OpenFeint was being sued in a class action suit back in 2011 for monitoring and storing personally identifiable information such as users’ GPS locations, browsing history, and even Twitter and Facebook profiles. They used data to help app developers create a database to enable tracking and surveillance of mobile device activity. Why would his new company behave any differently? 

While other social media companies have profitability to worry about, and therefore have to at least signal that they care about privacy, companies like Discord aren’t even pretending. They know that they’ll never be profitable. It actually is one of the “silicon valley scams” that you hear about from time to time. Typically when you buy stock in a company that means that they’re providing some sort of value through a product or service. That obviously isn’t the case here.

With companies like this you’ll typically have a large investor that dumps several million onto the idea in hopes that it lasts long enough for them to sell at a higher margin. A chat service for playing video games doesn’t exactly sound like a gold mine does it? So how can they keep it afloat? By selling your information to ad services of course. But who else has access to your chat logs, messages, pictures, and if you sign in through a third party platform, your app history? Well according to them they give it away to groups that want to “fight hate”.

Initially, Discord was misguidedly known as a free-speech platform, so many groups from the far left to the alt right had active servers on the service, but Charlottesville put an end to that. Immediately after antifa initiated violence, and the protest turned into an open brawl, the company released a statement saying that they will be shutting down any servers associated with the alt-right and that “we will continue to take action against white supremacy, nazi ideology and all forms of hate.” Removing people from a platform is one thing, but If you listen to the left, which suddenly becomes libertarian when it comes to corporate censorship of things they don’t like then ‘it’s their business they can do what ever they want!’ (As long as the business doesn’t have anything to do with making pastries for weddings that is.)

Discord managed to go one step further though, and claimed in an article featured on The Daily Beast that they are actually working with the Southern Poverty Law Center to track and profile ‘hate’ on Discord. Their privacy policy also states that it can be modified at any point in time and you are bound by those terms, which essentially means they don’t even have a privacy policy.

“The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or revise these Terms at any time, and you agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions. Any such change or modification will be effective seven (7) days following posting on the Service, and your continued use of the Service after the effective date will constitute your acceptance of, and agreement to, such changes or modifications. If you object to any change or modification, your sole recourse shall be to cease using the Service.”

For all we know they’re also actively giving access or chat logs to people like antifa writer unicorn riot. Who would have thought that a platform being moderated by Gay Furries like this would ever be biased though?