Nets $1 Million For ICO After New York Times Calls It “Alt Right”


Yesterday, New York Times posted a slam article with its focus on Gab. The piece is titled; “The Alt-Right Created a Parallel Internet. It’s an Unholy Mess.”

The article describes how “unused” and “buggy” sites like PewTube, Hatreon, and WrongThink are, and how we need to just avoid them and conform to the socially acceptable forms of social media instead. When speaking of Gab, the author of the article defined the platform as, “Gab, a kind of alt-Twitter social network that began last year, whose early adopters included prominent figures like Milo Yiannopoulos and Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website.” 

How are people putting Milo and Andrew Anglin in the same category? These two are nothing alike, and share very little of the same beliefs. Even the Alt Right has stated, “Milo Yiannopoulos is not Alt Right.” 

The article goes into several eye gouging complaints concerning its function. 

“Recently, I spent several days testing a number of these alt-tech services. I created accounts, explored their features and interfaces, and interviewed users of each site about their experiences. 

What I found on these sites was more pitiful than fear-inspiring. Sure, some alt-tech platforms were filled with upsetting examples of Nazi imagery and bigoted garbage. But most were ghost towns, with few active users and no obvious supervision. As technology products, many are second- or third-rate, with long load times, broken links and frequent error messages. A few had been taken offline altogether.

 Gab is buggy and confusing, and much of the activity on the site appears to come from a small core of frequent users. Several of the well-known figures who once posted on the site have abandoned it.”

Now that you’re all angered by the misinformed liberal, take a deep breath. This article completely backfired. 

When you’re a main stream media contributor, people from all walks of life and political backgrounds are going to read your material; chances are, there’s probably something positive that they can get out of it. This time, those on the right found this article misinforming and were infuriated enough to do something about it. The media will never tell you this, but Gab actually found a great deal of success after the hate piece was released. 

“Special thanks to the soyface bugman (he actually put ‘soyface bugman’ in his bio) from the failing New York Times who drove over $100,000 in investment reservations for our “unholy mess” yesterday.” ‬
 Andrew Torba let us know that Gab isn’t just here to stay in the game, Gab is winning.
Their ICO is pretty impressive, and a far cry from what it was prior to the New York Times publication. It went from $760,555.00 to $975,580.00 and it only keeps growing. 
Meanwhile, Twitter continues to hit new lows. From letting go a significant amount of staff, to losing advertisements, 2018 is predicted to be an “ad recession” for the social media platform.
So what had been planned by the fake news outlet as a means to humiliate the right by comparing them to Nazi’s and demeaning their tech skills, became a great victory for Gab and the right to free speech. Now, our voices have grown louder.  

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