Right now, we are living in a virtual apocalypse. If you’ve been anywhere near Twitter in the last few days, you may have noticed that some of your favorite journalists, bloggers, and activists have been stripped of their verification status. That little blue check mark meant the difference between someone who made their dreams come true, and someone who was just along for the ride.

People like Laura Loomer and Richard Spencer have had their blue check marks stripped, with Milo as well as Baked Alaska being completely purged from Twitter all together. Classic Liberals like Philip DeFranco haven’t completely condemned the action; had Twitter made it an even playing field by also eliminating people from Black Lives Matter and Antifa, to them, it would be considered fair and just.

The opinions of the classic liberals differ greatly from those of modern day liberals. A liberals paradise is one where right wingers don’t even exist. Ash Furrow, a verified software developer, Tweeted this at Spencer:

There are so many things wrong with this Tweet…

Whether you like Richard Spencer or not is irrelevant at this point. Ash’s response was uncalled for and undignified. As someone who think’s he’s “all that and a bag of chips” with his verified status, shouldn’t he throw a little less shade and be a little more diplomatic? Also, Ash is a white man who says it’s not okay to be proud of your skin if you’re white. Liberal force fed propaganda strikes again.

Spencer later Tweeted:

I’m seriously considering stop tweeting. Yes, I know some might say “Don’t let the SJWs win!” But the fact is, I have no confidence in the platform. De-verfiying seems like a first step towards banning.

Twitter had the chance to become a true global public square, the preeminent free-speech platform of the digital age. Instead, its leadership seems to want just another safe and boring place, for safe and boring opinions.

Meanwhile, Tweets like these are perfectly acceptable, and the account of Christian Stone still stands tall, strong, and verified.

Other’s are getting banned from Twitter simply for turning away from the liberal dark side. Roseanne Barr was banned from the site after posting “Who’s Q?” Q, being a reference to the 4Chan conspiracy that a user by the name of Q warned Lynn De Rothschild about the deadly plane crash three days Before It Happened. 

Now more than ever, right wingers from Alt Right to Conservative are seeking alternative social media outlets. With 215,000+ users, and more people signing up everyday, Gab is punching through the brick wall proudly proclaiming our rights to the first amendment. It will take time for this daring young platform to catch up with Twitter’s numbers, but it’s clear that people are giving up on Twitter and their outlandish rules of self conduct. They’ve even gone so far as to state that if you support  someone like Laura Loomer, your account may be stripped of it’s verification. 

Currently on Gab, there is a category for people to discus the Twitter purge. The category’s popularity only proves one thing; the liberals are actually failing. By telling us to either conform or leave, most of us are angered by the lack of patriotism. Either by getting banned or simply choosing to leave, alternative media outlets are growing and bringing fired up patriots ready to fight for the Western World even closer together.     

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